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thanks for the article, that's a fascinating piece of statistical analysis. It inspired a lot of anitwitter talk today, about the article and about Animecons.com's definition of "anime con," too.

I've had a lot of fun at anime cons in Ohio; there are a lot of medium-sized cities in the state and a lot of colleges and a lot of interstates, and it's just close enough to Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, WV/Virginia, and Tennessee to attract fans for conventions. It was only a 7 hour drive from Atlanta for me to hit Sugoicon in Cincinnati, back when that was a thing (2000-2008?).

Ohio has the extra added attractions of local food (Skyline), and the antique mall/junk prospects of this decaying Rust Belt state can't be beat.

I've never been to a Florida convention myself; even when I lived in Atlanta, anything worth visiting in Florida was at least a seven hour car ride away.
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