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8-bit music OP / ED renditions

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:13 am
by karageko
One of the few YouTube channels I'm actually subscribed to is Studio Megane ( and they do a lot of 8-bit music renditions of anime OP / ED renditions (and also rarely some US cartoons I think). Actually, they do a bunch of tokusatsu stuff as well.

There's listings of their stuff separated by decade that cane be found here:

I was reminded that I was subscribed to this channel because yesterday they put up an 8-bit rendition of the GE999 TV OP, the original of which I enjoy greatly. This can be found here:

Now that I'm looking at the recommendations on the sidebar of this video, I see that Chargeman Ken got an 8-bit rendition just 2 days before the recent Crunchyroll anouncement: Coincidence?!

Re: 8-bit music OP / ED renditions

Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:02 am
by PinkAppleJam
Ooh thanks for the share :)