Moon Animate Make-Up

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Moon Animate Make-Up

Post by mbanu »

The premise was to gather indie animators from around the internet and have them re-animate an episode of the English dub of Sailor Moon, without an animation director, so that you could see each individual animators' styles during their scenes.

The results seem a little quirky, but it looks like a fun idea. (^_^)

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Re: Moon Animate Make-Up

Post by DKop »

Kinda reminds me of those openings 4chan people did, but this does look a lot better.
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Re: Moon Animate Make-Up

Post by usamimi »

Yes! I love the Sailor Moon reanimate project. It's so neat. I actually have a couple of friends who worked on them. It's so cool to see so many different artist's styles!

There was also a Dragon Ball reanimate project not too long ago! Here's the episode they did:
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Re: Moon Animate Make-Up

Post by runesaint »

I also recall them re-doing Star Wars; each group got five or ten or thirty seconds (I misremember) and then they edited them all together..
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