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Anime Club by K.C. Green

Post by mbanu »


Anyone read this? (^_^)
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Re: Anime Club by K.C. Green

Post by usamimi »

Oooh yes. A classic :lol:
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Re: Anime Club by K.C. Green

Post by DKop »

I remember reading that in a day at school. It seems like a B grade Eltingville Club ripoff comic, but I did enjoy it since it kept my attention the entire time.

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Re: Anime Club by K.C. Green

Post by Drew_Sutton »

Read it, lived it. Brought back lots of memories.

Also reminded me of the early pages of a webcomic I used to read called DubThis!. The set up of the story has a lot of introduction of characters in the Anime Club - which I totally related to. I found the story got a bit too melodramatic for my tastes and I wound up dropping it after a while.
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Re: Anime Club by K.C. Green

Post by PinkAppleJam »

I looove it :D

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