TMHT... all about the localisations

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TMHT... all about the localisations

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I'm sure some of you will have heard of this but much of my entry level interest in Japanese culture was via Teenage Mutant Ninj--, uh, Hero Turtles on Children's BBC from when I was 10yo :) ... e_internal
(The Broom Cupboard was the name of the tiny studio that CBBC aired from for many years, this fan page is very UK-kid's-TV-centric) :mrgreen:

Why?!1? :lol: ... 22_Turtles

...I didn't view an uncut episode until we went to Florida in the 90's and Nickelodeon was airing the older episodes, we had taped the edited versions from the telly and rewatched them so much we instantly knew where the edits cut out the background music. It was an eye opener! We didn't get uncut episodes in the UK until DVD 2009 release!! Crazy.

I collected the Archie adaptation (and the crazy spin-offs) too, I really liked what they did with April O'Neil. Ninjara was cool...
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