Shin Godzilla

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Shin Godzilla

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I did a search to see if there was a Shin Godzilla topic yet, but couldn't find one (unless I missed it?).

I recently watched the film, now that it's finally available on bluray. After reading so much about how different this Godzilla flick was, I had my reservations prior to seeing it. I'm a die hard Godzilla fan, so my expectations for most G-films is pretty high...but, much to my surprise, I loved Shin Godzilla. I admit, I'm not a Hideaki Anno fan. I like his older work and the original Evangelion (EVA should have ended with episode 26 imo), but not so into anything he's done since. Well, he absolutely nailed it with Shin Godzilla. It was one of the most suspenseful and engaging films in the entire series. While it's not quite in my top 10 favorites in the franchise, I do feel it was the perfect way to do a new reboot. And after the horrid 2014 American Godzilla movie (I never wanted to walk out of a movie theater so bad before), this undoubtedly proves that Godzilla should stay in Japan, where they actually know how to make these films.
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Re: Shin Godzilla

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I'd agree that Shin Godzilla is the most palatable project Anno's worked on in years, but it's also worth pointing out it wasn't just his project. Co-director Shinji Higuchi is best known for helming the recent Attack on Titan movies and doing SFX work on the '90s Gamera trilogy, but he's also an old Daicon Film/Gainax guy, as well. In addition to working on Daicon Film's last project, Orochi, he storyboarded (and was originally slated to direct) the '88 OVA Gunbuster. After production on Nadia wrapped, he left Gainax and helped found the studio Gonzo.

I still haven't picked up Funimation's Shin Godzilla bluray because they cut out the iconic Anno on-screen text, but I keep meaning to check if the Australian release suffered similarly.
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Re: Shin Godzilla

Post by SteveH »

I watched the Blu-ray with some friends (a viewing party I was invited to) and was fairly impressed with the movie.

I was laughing at all the Anno-ism 'visual gags' and everybody wondered why I was laughing. I just could not explain.

The lack of Anno's giant text blocks made some of the scenes play a bit odd to me, because the action is supposed to be intentionally obscured. That's part of the gag.

I was a bit taken aback by the 'rubber suit' look of first stage Godzilla. Nobody in my group really understood it and just figured it was bad CG work.

I liked Shin Godzilla more than the recent American version. A LOT of that goes to the use of classic Godzilla music in key places. I also was laughing my ass off over the 'Nadia/Evangelion' music cues. My friends wondered how the hell I knew how the music was going to progress and I just smiled. :)
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