What are you currently watching on tv?

Non-anime/manga-related TV, movies, books, and comics, especially but not limited to pre-2000 titles
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Re: What are you currently watching on tv?

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If Youtube series count in this area, I recently finished up Cobra Kai on youtube. Heck of a series to revamp that Karate Kid name, and the actors for Daniel and Johnny came back to reprise their roles. It's a really great series how Johnny became a loser in life for not living down how Daniel Karate kicked him at the All Valley tourney 34 years ago, and how he gradually is getting over his bad choices and demons by helping out nerds in training them to be better people, which is now starting to just make them villians of the series, even though they were able to better themselves.

Daniel lives off the success of his past in making a name for himself as a car dealer in the valley, but raising a family that seem to have their own problems. Daniel comes off more of a douche at the start until he gets his own pupil to train, and Johnny is starting to be less of a dick when he sees how his training of his students is making them turn out to be their own monsters. All in all a fantastic series, and I can't wait till how season 2 starts off, the cliffhanger can't hang on forever from how season one ended. If you guys have Youtube Red (or found other means of watching the series like I did) check this out, especially if you love the Karate Kid films growing up like I did.
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