Convention Appearances 2019

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Convention Appearances 2019

Post by labsenpai » Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:43 am

Share your plans for jumping back into the wait lines for noisy days of deculture! I still have some energetic cells after thirty years of this hobby so I'll be on the road at least once. I know some events (like early Katsucon) have already passed, but many more await us and our credit cards. Since I reside in the cornbelt, my mission to Anime Central is already paid for. ACEN has a history of inviting plenty of Japanese guests from the industry, which is an incentive for me. Truthfully, their website has a long roster of guests once again, although I'm seeing a focus on "fresh off the airwaves" talent.

Aside from the ACEN godfather Kenichi Sonoda, the guests are mostly tied to recent projects and a studio (Kinema Citrus) that is only 10 years old. This doesn't mean their works are negligible or bad, just that my collecting and viewing has giant gaps after 2004 or so. Of these new titles being promoted I've only watched a few test episodes. I'll be going empty-handed to a lot of autograph panels, or with items I rushed to buy (like the Idolmaster cds below). On the positive side, maybe I won't have to miss things I want to do because of guest event overload. Last year's schedule was inhumanly busy.

Here is a gratuitous photo of the start of my stuff to pack :)
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Re: Convention Appearances 2019

Post by DKop » Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:27 pm

There's two big ones coming up that im debating on which one to go depending on the guest list, MomoCon or Animazement. Momo is gonna have Shinji Aramaki, which id like to meet him/hopefully get stuff signed. However, its the same weekend as Animazement, and i'm gonna wait and see how the guest list at AZ does in the coming month. Usually they announce all their people by early May, so they might have someone i'd like to go see.

AWA is still in my sights, and when panelist applications open up ill submit some and see which ones get picked, which gives me the summer to work on them.

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Re: Convention Appearances 2019

Post by Drew_Sutton » Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:20 pm

Was just thinking about a thread like this the other day...

I (well, we the family) made a brief appearance to check out SeishunCon back in February. Literally, just an appearance to check in and see some folks, see how the show was doing.

I'm kinda debating whether I can make it out for AWA this year. I will probably submit a similar panel block as I did last year since, I couldn't really present it last year. Work schedule might make it difficult, too, though.

DKop, if you wind up in town for Momo, lemme know and we'll find some time to grab a beer or something.
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Re: Convention Appearances 2019

Post by karageko » Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:56 pm

Thanks for making a 2019 thread labsenpai. I'd meant to but the thought had escaped from my brain at some point.

I will be at Anime Boston 2019 which is coming up in a little over a week.
I also plan to be at AnimeNEXT 2019 this year, which will be my first time going.
I will definitely be going to Otakon 2019.

I am still quite on the fence for AWA 2019, not because I don't enjoy hanging out with folks there (I do enjoy it very much), but mostly because I'm already feeling quite traveled-out and lodgings costs are higher there than any of the others I've listed above for me. At the moment I'm leaning towards probably not (with the intention of coming back in 2020), but I will definitely post if that changes.
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Re: Convention Appearances 2019

Post by davemerrill » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:47 am

I'm gonna be at Anime North in May and AWA in October, and as far as I know those are the only shows I'm going to be at this year. Might wind up driving down to AWA this year, maybe, which would be kinda cool.

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Re: Convention Appearances 2019

Post by zimmerit » Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:56 pm

Planning to be at Anime NEXT this year. Submitted some panel pitches but haven't heard back yet.
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