How bad would the Corona virus be to the convention scene

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Re: How bad would the Corona virus be to the convention scene

Post by labsenpai »

With ACEN and Animazement cancelled, there are no longer any sizeable events within driving distance for me. I don't have to worry about refunds though, since neither con has invited "old school" guests of interest to me. I'm still kind of grumpy about my luckless trip last year. Maybe I'll set aside a few bucks from my covid-compensation check for some anime merch (barring some other checkbook-draining calamity in summer).

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Re: How bad would the Corona virus be to the convention scene

Post by DKop »

Momocon just cancelled as well. I will say this that for people who entered into the AMV competitions, the organizers are doing Twitich streams of the finalists. I've submitted a piece of work for many cons this year and ive been getting on the finalist list, so last weekend Anime Detour did theirs online and mine was the first one shown, which surprised me because I didn't think mine would be shown so soon. A full list of those entries are found here: ... 11cbe6df12

Momocon is going to be doing the same as well and will showcase finalists online, so its a good way for people work to get out there even if everyone can't be at the con in person.

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Re: How bad would the Corona virus be to the convention scene

Post by Akage »

One of my concerns is how badly this is going to wreck Japan. Only now is Abe declaring it as an actual emergency, but even then, it's limited to seven prefectures and up to the local governments to determine how to enforce this. With these prefectures being some of the more densely populated areas of the country, unless stay at home policies are mandated, it's going to spread like wildfire. The flimsy masks that many Japanese wear won't stop the virus. Nor will the n95 masks stop it either.

In terms of the animation industry, projects are already starting to be pushed back. What happens when the studios have to close? Will the animators still be paid or will they have to file for unemployment like many working in the service industry in the US have had to do?

Every day I'm reading reports of older movie stars and musicians dying from Coronavirus complications. It's only a matter of time before ANN starts reporting something similar.

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Re: How bad would the Corona virus be to the convention scene

Post by davemerrill »

So far here in July 2020, the only fan conventions that have dared to come back are a few comic-con type events in places like Florida. The reports I've seen have been that the events are doing their best to ensure everyone's masked, symptom free, and social distancing, but that it's tough to enforce inside the convention area. Also, these shows are sparsely attended.

Anime Crossroads in Indianapolis is set to happen in February and they have an action plan in place. It seems to do a good job mitigating the risk, but at the same time, why are people risking their health for a Japanese cartoon festival? This isn't a healthcare or emergency responder convention, this is strictly a fandom event; it's not vital or essential, certainly not worth the risk in my opinion. I know the convention may not be able to get out of their venue contracts without getting sued, so Crossroads may not have a choice, but the attendees (and the staff, and the guests) certainly do.

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