Convention Appearances 2019

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Re: Convention Appearances 2019

Post by DKop »

I was able to be apart of the AnimEigo panel at this past Animazezment, and I have to thank Robert for letting me be apart of that experience.

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Re: Convention Appearances 2019

Post by labsenpai »

usamimi wrote:
Wed May 29, 2019 9:39 am
I had several twitter followers try to snag me one of the posters they were giving out, but those seem to have gotten snapped up pretty quickly, alas.
At the Bean Bandit panel last year they also sold a ($20) promotional poster, which I think is the better of the two. I like how it was a combo of the main characters and the car, with Sonoda's old school watercoloring. Furthermore, the first poster was already signed by the whole panel; I don't know if they bothered doing that this year.
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Re: Convention Appearances 2019

Post by usamimi »

It does look cool! Too bad i couldnt find soneone to snag me one of those, either. :lol: The posters were at the autograph signing afaik, so you'd at least be able to get Sonoda to sign one while they were available.
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