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Re: Forum get-togethers.

Post by davemerrill »

what I miss about going to AZ was Biscuitville. Do they still have Biscuitville in that part of NC?

My typical yearly anime cons are Anime North in May in Toronto and AWA in September/October in Atlanta. Sometimes I hit one or two other shows during the year, but those two are locked-in for me.

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Re: Forum get-togethers.

Post by DKop »

You know, the entire time ive lived in the Carolinas, I have never gone to a Biscuitville.

The only two that show up on google is there is one across the street from WalMart on 401 headed south, and there is one in the northern part of Raleigh. Id say the quickest one would be the one near Walmart if I had to pick. Huh, there's one north of Apex where I used to live too. ... :1,lf_ui:4

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Re: Forum get-togethers.

Post by Drew_Sutton »

Although I have only been to Animazement once, I had a blast the year I was there (which was probably at the height of me getting burned out.) and have been meaning to go back. Now that we have friends in Charlotte, I might be able to convince the wife to take the weekend up there, visit friends and hit the show for a day or two. I loved being able to get away from the show and wander downtown a bit.

My usual routine now is going to be SeishunCon in Feb., AWA in September. Possible I'll pick up MTAC in Nashville again someday, too.
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