It's Back - Akihabara Renditions

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Re: It's Back - Akihabara Renditions

Post by Drew_Sutton » Fri Sep 06, 2019 10:00 am

More content!

I've been trying to update the thread here with some stuff that's been in the works at Akihabara Renditions but only getting a few moments just now. We have a couple of updates -

First is another Free Talk piece about a topic that I think a lot of forum members here are familiar with - manga fandom in the mid 1990s. I published that piece last week, trying to alternate Free Talks in between some podcast editing. I've put a lot of writing, editing and hand-wringing work into this one, so I really would like some feedback and critiques on it so I can be a better writer.

Also just this week, we've dropped another podcast! We're dipping back into the Creator Profiles well for another titan of mecha anime, Kawamori Shouji. Like our previous Tomino series, this one ended up split into a couple of parts. Part II should be coming at you soon!
Akihabara Renditions: Japanese Animation of the Bubble Economy
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