Space Battleship Yamato: Making Of An Anime Legend

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Space Battleship Yamato: Making Of An Anime Legend

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Back in 2005 when this Yamato documentary DVD was released, I wrote a review of it for the Anime Jump website. Flash forward a few years and I decided to dust off this review and present it again, but I wound up re-writing the thing and it's more of an overview of how Star Blazers fared in the US market and what happened, or didn't happen, with the series once it was pulled from syndication. ... anime.html

Tim continues to research Yamato on his website, but certainly the documentary he assembled is a unique beast - I haven't seen anything else quite like it.
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Re: Space Battleship Yamato: Making Of An Anime Legend

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I bought that a couple of years ago and it is a solid documentary. I guess my only issue with it is the fact that I wish it dove more into the American fandom side of Yamato/Star Blazers since it was more focused on the Japanese side, which makes more sense. I'm not sure if Tim didn't have enough material on the western side of fandom when this was made but had an abundant amount of information on fandom from the material from Japan. This is a solid look on Yamato impact culturally if anyone really wants to know how influential Yamato is.
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