rate the dubs

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rate the dubs

Post by davemerrill »

the latest Let's Anime column was more or less sparked by the meme that shows up early in the post - the attitude that dubs are fine and people criticize them just to be different or to feel superior. Well, that may very well be the case, but a lot of old anime localizations were goofy, misleading, or plain awful, as we detail here! http://letsanime.blogspot.com/2020/03/l ... -dubs.html
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Re: rate the dubs

Post by DKop »

Best overseas dub for me based on what you gave me and ive seen is going to be the Filipino dub to Voltes V. Surprised you didn't add in the obvious Macross Clash of the Bionoids or the Vengence of a Space Pirate/Arcadia of my Youth dub (to me I highly enjoy that dub).
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