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Re: The Show Off Your Figures/Models Stuff Thread

Post by karageko » Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:26 am

I'm know little to nothing about the garage kit / figure scene but I'll just say that a google search turns up a Japanese listing on an online shopping site for the 2nd garage kit in this series, featuring Mizuki (I don't know anything about Jewel Hunter Lime besides what I just read on wiki).

I dunno that this really attests to any kind of authenticity, but there you go. I couldn't find a listing for the one you posted a picture of. The name of the Playstation version of the game also has the word "Collection"in it so a lot of results for that pop up instead.
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Re: The Show Off Your Figures/Models Stuff Thread

Post by zimmerit » Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:53 pm

It's definitely legit -- the packaging is too nice and Mandarake doesn't sell bootlegs.

A few more kits show up if you google the company's name written out in katakana (エクシング), but a lack of online evidence and no official website doesn't mean it's suspect, it just means it's old. Lots of old kit manufacturers from the '80s and '90s don't have much of an online trail and typically the only evidence you'll find of them is on retail sites like Mandarake, Yahoo Auctions, and Suruga-ya.
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