Should I tear out my magazine posters?

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Should I tear out my magazine posters?

Post by TheMidnightSnack »

I've got some Animerica that have some pretty half-decent posters, but I keep stopping myself from taking them out and putting them up.
I'm really unsure if I should,
a) Keep the posters in the magazines, they stay fresh, etc. or
b)Tear them out and add some much needed decoration to my room.
I've decided to turn to you guys.
What should I do?
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Re: Should I tear out my magazine posters?

Post by DKop »

I know those issues were either stapled or non stapled together. If they are stapled, you just open the staple up and take the page out, not damaging anything (which is what I did with my old Newtype USA posters). If they aren't, then be really careful how you take them out. They should have a preferrated line to make taking them out easy to do.

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Re: Should I tear out my magazine posters?

Post by Valand »

In addition to that, avoid blu tack and tape.

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Re: Should I tear out my magazine posters?

Post by usamimi »

Yeah if you can take em out without damaging them, I don't see why not! Animerica magazines aren't really super valuable. I'm also seconding that if you do hang them up, don't use poster putty/blutack/tape. The best way will always be to put it in a frame, but if you don't have one or can't easily find one in that size, Goods Republic actually has some cheap/easy poster hanging ideas that Japanese fans use that are actually pretty smart!

I do recommend if you have a Goodwill or thrift store near you, check to see if they have any frames close to the size of your poster. They're usually WAY cheaper than what you'd pay in stores because they get so many. I've gotten many a frame for my place this way :lol:
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Re: Should I tear out my magazine posters?

Post by _D_ »

Some great ideas for mounting posters, etc. without damaging them. Now, how to keep from damaging the painted wall? Always thought I would eventually mount the Popeye Sunday pages I received from a friend back in 1981. These were from 1932 - 1938. The problem is their size, being much larger than Sunday comics from today. The frames for these are prohibitive when bought locally from stores line Michael's Art Supplies. Anyone know of any good online sources of cheap(er) frames? Ditto for cel mounting. Those also will require special plastic or glass that will not allow sunlight to fade paper or celluloid.

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