Show us your shitajiki (pencil boards)!

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Re: Show us your shitajiki (pencil boards)!

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labsenpai wrote:I never tried services like Shopping Mall Japan. I see auctions posted I'd like to win, but their service fees are substantial for items (like shitajiki) under 2000Y. There is always a middle man ;)
Yeah, SMJ is a fantastic service, but it sucks for smaller-priced items because they have a minimum commission fee. Unless you're buying a large lot of stuff like this, it gets pricey.

You can feel free to hit me up for small stuff like pencil boards and whatnot off of YAJ, and you can reimburse me through PayPal. I'd just ask for a 100 yen per dollar exchange rate, shipping, and just a bit more for having to go to the post office, etc. Shipping stuff like this won't cost much, I think.
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