Do you have a "nerd cave"/"otaku room" at your place?

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Re: Do you have a "nerd cave"/"otaku room" at your place?

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Originally written by greg on 2015/10/18, 06:03:26 PDT :

Re: Do you have a nerd cave otaku room at your place? :

Gosh, I've fallen behind on this forum. Let me get caught up.

quote Drew Sutton Greg, that model kit collection is something else! Are all of those un-built or have you assembled them? Model kit backlogs are one of the few points of contention between my fiancee and I finally gotten mine down to a manageable level. I showed her the pics and her immediate response was Don't even think about it. quote
Most of those in the picture are unbuilt, but several are empty boxes. Keep in mind that the last several pictures are a shelf-by-shelf collection of pictures of the one big stash. It has actually grown since I took this picture, for better or worse.

quote Char Aznable Fantastic collection, Greg! I see Kei and Yuri from the Dirty Pair in one of your tumblr picks, are those statues, model kits or figures? They look amazing, especially in those poses. quote
Those Dirty Pair figures are cold cast porcelain resin limited edition figures. I think there was a run of 5,000 total, and I lucked out by snagging them both from a seller in Mexico from eBay. Nobody else was willing to take a chance with Mexico, I guess. Plus the auction was ending in the middle of the afternoon, IIRC.

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