It's me, the new guy

Tell the old school world who you are, and let us welcome you into the forum!
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It's me, the new guy

Post by Phase » Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:03 pm

Hi there, I'm Phase.

I joined up some time ago but I was really nervous about starting a thread until I sucked it up and decided to introduce myself.

I'm a younger guy, finding myself really attached to more classic anime, but I'm also pretty new to it all. I'm always aching to learn more and more, and despite the big wave of retro we're in, it's hard to find like minded people.

I hope I can learn and discuss with you all. It's nice to meet you.

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Re: It's me, the new guy

Post by DKop » Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:45 pm

Welcome to the party, pal! :lol:

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Re: It's me, the new guy

Post by usamimi » Thu Nov 22, 2018 5:25 pm

Welcome Phase! I hope you enjoy your time here! :D
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Re: It's me, the new guy

Post by Drew_Sutton » Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:30 pm

Welcome to the boards - looking forward to discussing stuff with you!
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