Barbara of The Technogirls

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Barbara of The Technogirls

Post by BarbaraC »

Hi, I stumbled on this forum after doing a search on "Technogirls". I'm one of the original from-tape fansubbers, and even though it's been a long time I'm still technically active. Anime that I've worked on include "Brother Dear Brother" ("Oniisama E"), "Romeo's Blue Skies" (Romeo no Aoi Sora), "Wedding Peach", "The BlueGreen Years" (Mizuirojidai), "Zetsuai", "Five Star Stories", "Kiko-chan's Smile", "Memolu in the Pointed Hat", "The Song of the Wind and Trees" (Kaze to Ki No Uta) and others. My site is still up and is a bit of an anachronism now: so hello everyone. Any others here? Arctic Animation? Tomodachi? SilverWynd? Many years have passed.

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Re: Barbara of The Technogirls

Post by Daniel »

Hi. :) I like your site. It brings back memories of the old days. Welcome! :D

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Re: Barbara of The Technogirls

Post by Elytron Frass »

Five Star Stories project was a valued release. Your mentioning of it makes me want to do a rewatch asap. Welcome.

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Re: Barbara of The Technogirls

Post by Fireminer »

It's great to see more people joining this forums! Also, if you don't mind, could I ask if you and other people affiliated with TechoGirls still doing anything related to anime or translation? I know that Anna Exter is stil a translator.

Also, William Chow of Artic Animation is on Youtube. He has a video series about anime in America back in the days.

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Re: Barbara of The Technogirls

Post by DKop »

Glad you're here!

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Re: Barbara of The Technogirls

Post by Drew_Sutton »

Welcome to the board! Looking forward to chatting about the ol' tape trading and fansubbing days!
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Re: Barbara of The Technogirls

Post by usamimi »

Welcome, Barbara! :D
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Re: Barbara of The Technogirls

Post by cosmosamurai »

A warm welcome aboard to you for sure! Your Oniisama E is a landmark release that lives on even now - my go to edition is still a digisub that used the Technogirls translation (and was I introduced to the show through a copy of the original fansubs). Good job on keeping your page alive too, it's one of the last such existing outside and interesting reading - a living document of the tape fansub scene that really conveys the passion for the shows of the old school fan.

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Re: Barbara of The Technogirls

Post by davemerrill »

Welcome Barbara!! Technogirls' fansub of Aim For The Ace was the first time I'd ever seen the show, thanks for that and so much else!

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