Anime T-shirts and Merch from the 90's and earlier

The roughly mid-90's and earlier (generally pre-Toonami, pre-anime boom) era of anime & manga fandom: early cons, clubs, tape trading, Nth Generation VHS fansubs, old magazines & fanzines, fandubs, ancient merchandise, rec.arts.anime, and more!
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Re: Anime T-shirts and Merch from the 90's and earlier

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usamimi wrote:
Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:50 am
Hook-ups is definitely still alive and kicking, still stealing artwork. :lol: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=432

Very nice collection, animefilm! I agree that Dominion shirt is especially awesome. I wish I still had some of the anime shirts I had back in the day--I remember I had some bootlegs from Hot Topic back before they went more legit (they sold Hook-ups shirts too, lol!) But the ones I got were mostly no brand skater shirts with cheap Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball iron ons on em...though once I did get a Key The Metal Idol one too, which surprised me!! I guess whoever made it just thought the art looked cool. I also had a bootleg Candycandy shirt a friend got me from a swap meet/market, it was so cheap it basically disintegrated after a year though.
On the topic of brands from that era, does anyone know much about Fashion Victim? They printed some of the best anime shirts from the 90s, but there is little to no information on the net as to who they were, where they were based... etc.

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Re: Anime T-shirts and Merch from the 90's and earlier

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I've tried to look up information on them before, but with a name that's such a common term online, it makes it pretty hard. I'm guessing they were a smaller company, too, because I've yet to find anything about them online. :/
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Re: Anime T-shirts and Merch from the 90's and earlier

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I've noticed some of the students at the schools I substitute for are wearing the Supreme brand clothing with Dragonball characters on them as of late, so the idea of taking an anime icon and slapping it with a brand name is still on going. I guess the company has some rights to use Goku image. ... skQAvD_BwE


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