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The roughly mid-90's and earlier (generally pre-Toonami, pre-anime boom) era of anime & manga fandom: early cons, clubs, tape trading, Nth Generation VHS fansubs, old magazines & fanzines, fandubs, ancient merchandise, rec.arts.anime, and more!
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Animanga Nuzu

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Anyone know the story the story behind this zine? Does anyone know if the Editor, Jack Szwergold, is the same Jack Szwergold who later popularized The Onion?

The first issue -- let's see if this formats right...

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||          __________                         __            __         ||
||         /          >                       /  \          /  >        ||
||        /  _____   /                       /    \        /  /         ||
||       /  /    /  /                       /  /\  \      /  /          ||
||      /  <____/  /                       /  /  \  \    /  /           ||
||     /  _____   /                       /  /    \  \  /  /            ||
||    /  /    /  / -------------------   /  /      \  \/  / -------     ||
||   /  /    /  / N  I  M  A  N  G  A   /  /        \    / U  Z  U      ||
||  <__/    <__/ -------------------   <__/          \__/ -------       ||
||                                                                      ||
| Presented By: [_The_Palace_ST_BBS_]   (212) 219-3896  300-2400 Baud    |
|               <_Silent_Running_BBS_>  (718) 526-5395  300-1200 Baud    |
|  Vol. I   Issue. 1                                      Public Domain  |

To the reader...

    Welcome to ANIMANGA NUZU!  This is a newsletter dedicated to Japanese
Animation and all of it's fans.  The purpose of this newsletter is to
inform the animation fans of the latest news and happenings in the
animation world.  We intend to inform the fans with movie and OAV reviews,
story synopsis, and any other kind of information relating to japanese
animation.  We will try to come out with a new issue as often as possible.
    Japanese animation is not only found at CF/O's, Conventions, and
Magazines, they are also found on Computer Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).
The purpose of computer bulletin board services is to share information on
any subject and to find questions and answers on problems.  Since I run a
B.B.S. and love animation, I decided to create a message base on my BBS
solely for the Animation lovers.  I was quite surprised to see how many
animation lovers out there!  I also discovered that there were already
quite a few Anime related BBS around.  I then decided that my users and I
could make up a Anime newsletter every month for the anime fans.  We hope
you enjoy this newsletter and remember, We are looking for writers!
                                                           Edmund Eng
                                                        Palace ST B.B.S.
                                                         (212) 219-3896

Another hello...

    Hi.  My name is Jack Szwergold, and I am editor of this newsletter.
I will not bore you to death by repeating what Edmund Eng said, so I will
tell you some of my views on anime.  Many people don't know about Japanese
animation for one reason.  It is very inaccessable.  Oh sure there are
clubs that hold meetings and show video tapes of anime, but how many of us
have the time or the resources to attend such meetings?  This newsletter
originates in NYC, and being a metropolitan area, we have access to many
sources of anime, club realted and other wise.  But what about the others?
    The people who don't live near places where meetings are held?  Should
they be looked down upon?  Should they be shunned from ANIME fandom just
because they cannot make it to a meeting?  I don't think so.  But how do
they get their info?  That is a hard question to answer, but you can be
asured they get it, because without info, there wouldn't be a fandom.
    This newsletter is not intended for those who have info, but don't
share it.  It is not for those notorius anime fans who nitpick at the
slightest mistakes.  This is a newsletter for people who like the stuff,
and just want to learn more about it.  I hope you enjoy it, and please let
us know what you think!
                                                          Jack Szwergold
                                                          Edison Carter

|                          DANGAIOH - Plot Summary                       |
|                              by Masaki Takai                           |

Character Descriptions:

ROLL  -  Sex:     Male
         Hair:    Short wavy black hair  

MIA   -  Sex:     Female
         Hair:    Long brown hair
         Clothes: Lt Blue w/Black Stripe swimsuit

NAMBA -  Sex:     Female
         Hair:    Short Lt Blue
         Clothes: Yellow swimsuit

PAI   -  Sex:     Female
         Hair:    Short Purplish Blue
         Clothes: Red Swimsuit

    Well, basically, Dangaioh is a tribute to the old classic live-action
and anime shows with sped-up animation and neato-looking mecha.
    Four youths (Roll, Mia, Namba, and Pai) wake up to find themselves on
an asteroid with no memories except their names.  They escape from the
asteroid just as it explodes. An old geezer meets them and tells them that
they have passed his test.  He is a weapons scientist and he tells them
that he created them to be the ultimate weapon.  They are to be sold to
the Bunker, a group of space pirates, shortly.
    Mia suddenly begins to have flashbacks, remembering Earth.  Meanwhile,
an android built by the professor is not too happy about being pushed into
second place by these newcomers.  Later that night, he comes to Mia and
tries to force her to tell the professor that her memory is coming back.
This, he believes, will force the professor to memory-wipe them again
which will take so long that he will get to go to the Bunker instead.
Suddenly, Mia bursts in a flash of psychic energy that pushes across the
room and knocks him out.
    The four of them escape, realizing that the professor had lied to them
and that they weren't "built" by him.  The professor had just drawn out
their latent psychic powers.  Immediately, the professor orders a pursuit.
There is a short battle which the group wins.  But, Pai starts having her
own flashbacks and goes to the Bunker with Roll tied up.  She is the
daughter of one of the leaders of the Bunker!  She meets with her father.
Her father orders her to prove her loyalty by killing Roll.  She refuses
and just at that moment, Mia and Namba burst into the chamber.
    All four escape.  They head to Earth where the android in a
humongous'bot given to him by the Bunker is busy trashing Tokyo.  They
form Dangaioh and are all suprised to find out that only Roll's cockpit
allows control of Dangaioh.  Big battle which ends with the android
committing suicide.  Pai, Roll, and Namba try to get Mia to leave and to
stay on Earth but she refuses, saying that they're a team and if she left,
the remaining three wouldn't be able to form Dangaioh. So the team of four
sail off happily into the sunset while the professor's ship busily tries
to keep up/catch up with them.

                                    E N D

|      Summary Of The Last Two Part Episode Of KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD      |
|                               by Hitoshi Doi                           |

                           ///////  PART 1  ///////

    Kyosuke is taking a nap under a tree in the park.  Madoka comes by and
wakes him up. They have the conversation about "hirune" <nap> (same as the
end).  Madoka says that she made a promise with her first boyfriend, six
years ago, to meet him under the tree.  Kyosuke finds out from Hikaru that
Madoka had her first kiss under that tree six years ago.
    Kyosuke's grandfather sends Kyosuke unwillingly six years into the
    Kyosuke is now six years in the past!  Kyosuke spots someone who looks
exactly like Madoka in the park and follows her.  She meets her boyfriend
in the park and she kisses him. Kyosuke thinks that it was Madoka and gets
shocked.  Kyosuke runs into little Hikaru and little Yuusaku.  He still
doesn't know that he is in the past.
    Kyosuke goes to an ice cream store and finds out that he is six years
in the past.  He then realizes that the girl that he saw was not Madoka.
Meanwhile in the present, Madoka gets a phone call from America.  Her
father is sick, and she has to go to America immediately.  In the world of
six years ago, Kyosuke is sleeping under the tree.
    Little Madoka (who looks very boyish) wakes up Kyosuke. He thinks that
she is a boy.  They have the conversation about "hirune"<nap> (again).
Madoka was carrying a soccer ball, and a group of older boys (from a High
School soccer team) comes and picks on her.  Kyosuke doesn't know if he
should help or not.  He remembers his grandfather telling him that if he
interferes with the past, then he may never be able to return to the
    However, little Madoka falls off of a cliff, and Kyosuke uses his
power to help her.  He then finds out her real identity.  Kyosuke tries to
fall down the stairs so that he can return to the present, but it fails.
Little Yuusaku comes crying to tell Kyosuke that little Madoka is captured
by the bullies as a trap to catch Kyosuke.
    The bullies think Kyosuke is an alien because Kyosuke used his power
to save Madoka from the cliff.  Kyosuke goes to help Madoka, who is now
wearing a skirt and a yellow hat, but gets captured.  He again uses his
powers to escape and save Madoka. He then buys a red straw hat for Madoka.
(This is the same hat that Madoka gives to Kyosuke in the very first
episode of the series)
    Then, as Kyosuke is resting under that tree, little Madoka leans over
and kisses him.  As she is running home, Kyosuke promises to meet her six
years later.
    Then there is a flash, and Madoka appears out of thin air. Kyosuke's
grandfather had sent Madoka to the past.

                           ///////  PART 2  ///////

    Kyosuke explains to Madoka that they are in the past, and that their
family has the special powers.  Madoka says that she loves him. Then, as
Kyosuke was running to get something to eat, he falls down the stairs and
slips into a parallel world in which he does not exist.
    Kyosuke meets Hikaru, Yuusaku, Kurumi, Manami, Komatsu, and Hatta.
None of them recognize him, and he gets in trouble with the police
(Komatsu and Hatta).  As he remembers that he left Madoka in the past, he
meets up with Madoka of the parallel world.
    She helps Kyosuke from the police, as a gang of hish school students
comes to fight Madoka.  Meanwhile, in the world of six years ago, Madoka
meets up with little Madoka.  If they are to come in contact with each
other, Madoka will disappear from existance.  In the parallel world,
Madoka fights the gang, but gets captured as their leader puts a knife at
Kyosuke's throat.  The gang takes Madoka back to the school, and beats her
In The World Of Six Years Ago...

LITTLE MADOKA: Are you that boy's girlfriend?
MADOKA: Why do you think that?
LITTLE MADOKA: Because he said that he likes girls with long hair.
MADOKA: Well, don't you like him yourself?
LITTLE MADOKA: Yes, I like him a lot.  I'm going to be his wife.
MADOKA: I'm with you too.

    Then, they are about to shake hands. In the parallel world, Madoka is
about to get raped.  She sceams for help, and Kyosuke somehow "hears" it.
He had been tied up, but he breaks out, and yells "Ayukawa". In the world
of six years ago, Madoka somehow hears this and stops  from shaking little
Madoka's hand, just about when they were about to touch.  Then, Madoka's
sister calls little Madoka, and they go home.
    In the parallel world, Kyosuke runs to Madoka's help and they escape.
Kyosuke used his power to defeat the two captors.  As they are riding away
from the school, Kyosuke falls off of Madoka's motorcycle and returns to
the world of six years ago. The grandfather sends Kazuya into the past to
bring back Kyosuke and Madoka.

MADOKA: Kasuga-kun? Are you Kasuga-kun from six years ago?
        Oh, you're Kazuya-kun.
KAZUYA: Where's Kyosuke?
KYOSUKE: Ayukawa! (running up to Madoka) Ayukawa.  Oh, I'm so glad you're
         okay. (hugging Madoka)
MADOKA:  What do you mean?
KAZUYA:  (coughs)
KYOSUKE: Oh, Kazuya.  (turning around to see Kazuya)
KAZUYA:  If you don't want to return, I'll leave you here. Are you ready?
MADOKA:  Kasuga-kun..
KYOSUKE: I'll wait for you until you come back from America.
KAZUYA:  Kyosuke, where do you want to return to?  Kazuya returns them to
         the present.
KYOSUKE NARRARATING: So, I'm pretending to be sleeping at this place
again.  She'll come soon and tickle my nose. Then, she's going to say...
<this is the "hirune" conversation, that's already taken place twice>

MADOKA: If you take a nap in such a place like this, you're going to catch
        a cold.
KYOSUKE: (sneezes) In Japanese: (because it doesn't make much sense in
MADOKA:  Konna hirumakara nechatte.
KYOSUKE: Dakara hirunette yuunjanai.
In English: MADOKA:  Sleeping already during the day.
KYOSUKE: That's why it's called a nap.
MADOKA: "Dakara hirunette yuunjanai", Someone said the same thing a long
        time ago.
KYOSUKE: Who was that person?
MADOKA: That was... that was my first boyfriend.  And...
KYOSUKE: And a person who still thinks that you're very special.

They kiss.. The ending is:

In Japanese
KYOSUKE: Kasuga Kyosuke, Ayukawa Madoka to nidomeno first kiss desu.

In english:
KYOSUKE: Kasuga Kyosuke, this is my second first kiss with Ayukawa Madoka.

                                T H E   E N D

(This was a great last episode, but I'm disappointed that Orange Road is
over. They are planning to make LD's of all episodes of Orange Road. Too
bad I don't have, and can't afford, a LD player)

|            Underlying Homosexuality In MEGAZONE 23 - Part II           |
|                             by Jack  Szwergold                         |
    Megazone 23 part II was the first real anime my friend has ever seen.
He is an aspiring cartoon artist, and is very into film analysis.  When I
showed him this film, I expected him to comment on it, but I never was
expecting what he was going to tell me.  "Jack..." he said "...Johnny
Winters is a homosexual."
    According to him, there is latent homosexuality in Megazone 23 part II
If you are laughing now, I don't blame you. I was also, until he grabbed
the remote control, and started to show me specific scenes as evidence to
his claims.  I sat, watched a didn't believe how much evidence there was.
   The first thing he pointed out was a scene early in the movie in which
Johnny Winters (Shogo) and his friend (sorry I forgot his name).  They are
sitting together looking at each other and then Johnny is offered a
cigarette by his friend.  Normally, one should write this off as just pure
friendship and male bonding.  This would be written off if it weren't for
one fact.  This is a movie, not a documentary.  Though many of us miss the
subtleties of directorial influences, they still exist and if analyzed,
can reveal a lot more to the story than one though existed.
    The motions that they were going through during that small sequence
have all the signs of homosexual flirtation (at least that is what Justin
said).  This, by itself means nothing.  One scene doesn't summarized the
feeling of a whole film.  Thus here are some other references.
    Sue (Yui) gets her hair cut shorter, and to many (including me) this
doesn't make her look any better at all.  The question of why she cut her
hair was always in my mind.  Why would she do it?  It wasn't a new style
at all, but just basically a shorter "soup bowl" haircut.  She didn't do
this for herself, she did it for Johnny.  Why?  Did she feel that the bond
between her and Johnny was distanced or separated?  She must have to take
such an extreme measure.  But what does the hair have to do with anything
you may ask?
    Girls do it all the time to attract their partners, or rekindle life
into a relationship.  The difference is that now, with the shorter haircut
she looks masculine.  She knew this would happen, and was in fact proud of
it in the scene just before the sex scene in MegaZone 23.  And what did
Johnny do to her afterwards?  He started "fooling around" (to put it
lightly) with her.  The sex scene itself gives even more light to the
homosexuality theory.
    Many of us know that the sex scene in Megazone 23 part 2 was edited.
The cut scenes can be found in the Megazone 23 movie books, and looking at
these show that Johnny is constantly doing Sue in one position.  Doggie
Style.  This is a position that is not exclusive to the hetrosexual
community, but it is common in the homosexual world.  Why would Johnny
want to have sex with Sue in this way?  Could it be that he was acting out
a fantasy that Sue was really a man, and he was... ahem... you know what I
    Many of you may say this theory is bullshit.  I don't blame you.  It
does sound strange, but there is enough evidence to prove this point. I am
still not decided myself on wether Johnny is being presented as a
homosexual or bisexual by the film makers, but that isn't the point of
this article.  This article was presented to show others how a common
artform can be viewed in different ways.  If you have any comments at all,
please let us know about it.

|          A Look Into The Animation Industry In Japan (Part 1)          |
|                            Submitted by MACROSS                        |

    The first animation studio we visited was TMS, better known as Tokyo
Movie Shinsha. It is located in an area of Tokyo one would hardly expect
to find an animation studio, much less, one with such a reputation.  TMS
has had a hand in fabricating such greats as ORGUSS, LUPIN III, TETSUJIN
28, CAT'S EYE, ULYSSES 31, COBRA, and multitudes of other animation for
Japanese T.V. and Feature films, as well as the animation for a great deal
of the "cartoons" that we see in the United States (such as GUMMY BEARS,
    TMS has also done some "test" animation for the people that brought us
STAR WARS, Lucasfilm Ltd.  Evidently, they wanted to show Lucsfilm just
how realistic animation can look.
    The drive in our tour bus took quite some time, perhaps 40 minutes or
more, before we arrived at our destination. The area was extremely cramped
as the streets are hair-raisingly narrow.  How our tour bus driver was
able to manuver such a large vehicle in such limited space was certainly
an entertianing thought, but we did make it.  We walked down a very narrow
side street, crossed over some rail-road tracks, and the building on our
immediate left was TMS.
    It was a very narrow building, and at first glance, appeared to have
five levels.  It was built right alongside the railroad tracks, and we
found out later, the whole building shook everytime the trains would pass
by.  The moment Hata-san (our tour guide) entered the building to find the
person in charge of our studio tour, Tat Ikeuchi greeted him and welcomed
us warmly.
    Upon entering the building, one could see that the people at TMS were
very serious about their work.  It was spotlessly clean and very quiet.
Mr. Ikeuchi then took us upstairs and we immediately began our tour.  At
first, we walked into the artist's room.  This is where the actual
animation gets done.
    The artists were illustrating the pencil sketches.  The room was
rather quiet.  These very young people (18 - 24) very busy illustrating
what would later become the guideline for the actual cels. Most of them
wore walkman radios to help keep them stimulated.  The work appeared very
time consuming, and very boring.
    One young lady was working on what may have been water drops,
splattering outwards. She constantly flipped the pages her drawing were
on over and back again to see if she was acheiving the continuity she
wanted to attain. The most striking feature of the artwork being done was
that it was drawn near-perfect, as there are no "clean-up" artists in
Japanese animation.
    Upon examining the room these young people actually worked in, we were
quite amazed to see such a large amount of reference materials. Books from
multitudes of shows were scattered on desks and jammed into book cases and
shelves.  Posters from STAR WARS and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and many
other shows from both America and Japan decorated the walls.
    Actually, it was a cheery work atmosphere, but it did not cover up the
very obvious fact that these young people work very hard.  MORE TO COME...
Starlog Magazine... Inside Front cover, you'll find the full page ad (cel
painting courtesy of me). 14.95 for the first tape, contains episodes 1
and 2. More tapes to follow.
    WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT will be the LAST Speilberg/Bluth production,
though there was a rumour about American Tail 2. All plans have been
canceled as Speilberg can't stand Bluth.  Turns out that Bluth is slightly
anti-semetic, and was talking about Speilberg behind his back. Speilberg
found out, go pissed, and is canning Bluth after this film is finished.
    OLIVER TWIST the next Disney animated feature, will be delayed in it's
release due to a move in the animation studio. They are moving from their
California base to a new production facility in Florida as part of a new
MGM/Disney Studio.  This new area will be part film production facility,
part tourist attraction.  You'll get to see how live action and animated
productions are made, while the productions are going on!  To fill the
blank spot in it's release schedule, Disney is re-releasing BAMBI. The 1
hour, 9 minute, 39 second film will be out into theatres on JULY 22. The
supervising Director was David Hand, and the film was originally released
in 1942 after five years in the making.
    LUM: Urusei Yatsura (a name familiar to many anime fans) will be
released by Eclipse comics in May.  This is the english translation of the
manga that inspired the immensley popular anime series.  It will be
bi-weekly, just like the 4 other manga titles Eclipse runs.
    BUBBLE GUM CRISIS, the adventures of the Knight Sabers in Mega Tokyo
2032, will be continuing for 13 episodes.  The OAV series is currently up
to episode 3 (Blow Up) and episodes 4 and 5 will be released this summer.
is going to be released on LD starting from April 21.  Each volume will
contain 4 stories and will be released every month.
    BAYCON '87 IS OUT!!!  (I don't have a copy, but here is a list of what
it contains, thanks to Emerald Gladiator)

      Area 88, Act III                  Arion
      Arriverderci Yamato               Cobra Pilot and Movie
      Cosmo Police Justy                Crusher Joe
      Dagger of Kamui                   DaiCon
      Dancougar: R.F.V.                 Dragonar, Episode 1
      Etranger                          Galient III
      Gall Force: Eternal Story         Gundam 1-3
      Hokuto No Ken Movie               Iczer-1, Acts 1-3
      L-Gaim III                        Laputa
      Lensman Movie                     Lupin III:Cagliostro's Castle
      Macross: Do You Remember Love?    MD Geist
      Megazone 23, Part 1-2             Mospeada: Love, Live, Alive
      My Youht In Arcadia               Nausicca
      Project Ako                       Remember My Love(UY 3)
      Super Gal                         Time Stranger
      Tobikage, Eps. 1                  Vampire Hunter D

|                        GALL FORCE Perfect Referance                    |
|                             by Jack Szwergold                          |

    This book can be summed up in one word.  Awesome!  It is page upon
page of charcter/mecha sketches and designs (153 pages to be exact). Pages
1-10 are color designs and sketches of characters and mecha.  Pages 10-37
are filled with great animation pencil sketches and color planning sheets.
Pages 38-40 are reproductions of the original proposal for Gall Force
Eternal Story.  Pages 42-61 are story boards from the film, but they are
shrunk down to 1/25 the size of the page, but they are still useful.
pages 62-71 are filled with preliminary sketches and drawings of the
charcters in Gall Force.
    The rest of the book is filled with incredibly detailed character and
mecha sheets.  The character sheets are so complete, and give so much info
on how to draw these characters, that any artist can definitly make use of
    All in all, I was very pleased by this book.  Since it is mainly
sketches and designs, everyone (Japanese speaking or not) can benefit from
this book.  I recommend this book to people who haven't even seen Gall
Force.  It's detailed designs and renderings can help teach anyone how to
draw anime characters better.  It is a must for any art fan.
    I got this book for $15.00 at Books Nippon in NYC, but prices will
most likely be hiked up in other places.

|         A Wing Of Honneamise: Royal Space Force Completed Files        |
|                             by Jack Szwergold                          |

    If you have seen Honneamise (pronouced Oneyamise), you will probably
want to get this excellent book.  It is very similar to the "This is
Animation..." books.  It contains information on the characters, and other
interesting info from the movie.  Though not at thorough as Gall Force
Perfect Reference, the information given is excellent.  The book has a lot
of Japanese text and will probably not interest too many novice anime fans
but for those "veterans" out there, this is great.  Get this while you
can.  The cost is more or less $12.00 depending on where you buy it from.

|                                Music Reviews                           |

Editors Note: The following reviews were taken out of the IMAGE newsletter
              of the Texas based anime club, PANIME.  It is being
              reproduced here for your enjoyment, and enlightenment.

by Patty Ewing

    There are really great soundtracks.  Between them, they all have major
vocal songs, etended opening and ending titles, and even the Meisi school
song!  The BGM's are fun too, and can invoke strong images of the TV
episodes.  A must for serious touch fans.  Most of the music recalls the
warm, happy sounds of the 50's.  The mix between vocals and instrumental
is approximately 5 vocals and 14 instrumentals per album.

Queen Millenia BGM
by Patty Ewing

    This soundtrack is by Kitaro.  if you like Kitaro, you'll like this.
It's very soothing.  There are no voacals;  all is instrumental, in true
Kitaro fashion.  Millenia is a good soundtrack to study by.  The music is
New Age, mostly synthetic, certainly different.

Hino Tori (Pheonix)
by Patty Ewing

    This is also very soothing.  There are a couple of vocals but mostly
instrumentals.  A  few of the songs are sort of alike. This tape is better
for background noise than straight listening.  The music is very synthetic
something I've recently gotten into.

Iczer One Special CD I
by Helo Chen

    Iczer fans, this is the CD for you!  It is over 45 minutes long,
starting with "Fight! Iczer I" and ending with "Never Run Away"  There are
3 vocals and the rest are instrumental.  Most of the songs have a hard
driving rock beat that was probably produced by a drum machine but
enjoyable never the less.  The song of Iczer 2 has an interesting Eastwood
Western / Japanese street gang flavor to it.

Project A-ko 2
by Helo Chen

    This soundtrack is very different from its predecessor. All the vocals
are in Japanese and the instrumentals are upbeat.  There is nothing
distinguishing about this soundtrack, but it will give you a fun time.

by Helo Chen

    Out of the major soundtracks that Joe Hisashi has done for Animage
Music (The others were Nausicaa and Arion), this is the best!  The music
is diverse and delightful.  There's even 2 songs that sound like a girls'
school choir.

by Helo Chen

    A very exotic sounding soundtrack.  It conjures up images of a busy
Mideast/Indian marketplace rather than ancient Rome.

    Well... Thats it for our first issue!  Hope you liked it!  If you have
any ideas, suggestions, articles, ANYTHING!!!  Call the... Palace ST BBS
and Smurf's Turf and pass it on!

Current list of Anime related BBS's (4/15/88)

     NAME         BAUD      TELEPHONE #   COMMENT
--------------  --------  --------------  --------------------------------
Electric Holt   300-1200  (215) 387-4326  Elfquest/anime/SF
Palace St BBS   300-2400  (212) 219-3896  Animanga Nuzu, Anime Database
Silent Running  300-1200  (718) 526-5395  Animanga Nuzu, Great Anime Base
Tomobiki-net    300       (313) 884-0418  Anime/manga/Jap TV/etc.
Unknown Kadath  300-2400  (201) 615-0214  24 hrs daily

Please let us know about any other BBS's supporting  anime!

Till next time... Bye

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Issue #2 -- check out that ASCII art!

Code: Select all

|                                                                          |
|            A   N   I   M   A   N   G   A       N   U   Z   U             |
|                                                                          |
|                    I S S U E    I I ,   V O L . I            May 6, 1988 |

Copyright (c) 1988
by authors of all original material created for this Newsletter.

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No infringment of their copyrights and/or trademarks is intended

              ....m;;;;;;;;;;;;:.                    xxXXXXmmm..   .....  
            sss;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;                 XXXXXXXXXX%%%.j%%%%%%%. 
           sssss;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;              BXXXXXXXXXAAAA%%%%%%%%%%. 
         .ssss;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;           BBBXXXXXAAAAAAAAA%%%%%%%%%%. 
        .ssSSSSS;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;         #BBBBXXXXXAAAAAAAAAAA%%%%%%%% 
       .ssSSSSSSS;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;      ##BBBBBBBXXXXXXAAAAAAAAAAA%%%%%.
      ;:SSSSSSssss;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;;;      #BBBBBBBBBBXXXXXXXAAAAAAAAAA%%%%
     ;:SSSSsssss;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   #BBBBBBBBBBBBBXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL
     :SSSSSsssss;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   #BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX##
    ;sSSSssssss;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ##BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBXXXXXXXXXXXXXX##
    ;sSStsssss;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ####BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBF XXXXXXXXXXX##
    sSStsssssttttttt;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;####BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBF   XXXXXXXXX###
    sSSttttttttttttttttttttTTTT;;;;;;;;;.######BBBBBBBBBBBBBB    XXXXXXX#####
   ;sSSStctttttttttttttttttttttt;;;;;;;;;#######BBBBBBBBBBBBB    XXXXXX######
   ;sSSttttttttttttccccccccccccccc;;;;;;;########BBBBBBBBBBBB    XXXX########
   ;sSSttttttttttttttttttttt'""    \;;:;;#########BBBBBBBBBB;    ############
   ;sSSSStttttttttttttttt'"         \;;;;###########BBBBBBBB'    ############
   ;ssSSSStttttt  ttttt!---____      \ ;;############BB##BBB    J############
   ;ssSSSSSSttt_-- ttt         "-.    \;;R#############T#TBB    #J#fJ########
    ssSSStttttt| -"\tt      /""-- \    \;M########T##T# Y_"#   / F__#F F'####
    sssSSSttttt|"   \t     /       \    \TR########TY# /  \"#    /  X '  T###
    "sssSSttttt|  /L \    / /#\     \    "#R######## "'    :         :   'K##
     sssSSSStttt /##\      / ##\     \    |RM#######  :    |         |    K##
      sssSSSSStt. l# \    |  ## \    %\   |"M#######  : .#.|     .#. |    K##
       "ssSSSStj   ###       d###    %%/\ |  M######  : ###|     ### |    K##
      ."  ssSSt.   "#"       "##:   j%/  |:  "M#####  ._###      ###_'    K##
     "     ssffl          --        ss /;|:   V#####     "        "       K##
   ."       sstl            ""      ss' :|:    X# ##         =            K##
  /          stl    .               s'   |:    T# ##                      K##
 .            tl    |               s   /:'    !#  #        __            W##
/              l    "\'             s  /::     '#  #        \ '          /W##
               :                     -"s:'     ### #.                    WW##
              / ;        .-.         s/\:      #####l                    WW##
             /   .      /---\        /  \      #####L        _   _      /WW##
            /    :      "___j        \  /     #######\      / --- \     WW###
           /      \               /   \/      ########\    | + + + l   /#####
         _/   It's \     --    _-"    |.      #########\   `       '  /######
       -" "_  Back  \       _-"       ||     ##########|\   "-"""-"  -|######
            - AGAIN! \   .-"          /|     #########/| \        _-" |\#####
             "_       """/|        .-"/|     #########L|  "-____-"    | #####
.              -       /"/|        |." |    ########## \              |/#####
 \              "_    <<" |        ||  |    ##########\ .             / #####
  \               ".  ||  |        ||   L  ########### .|            . /#####
   \            __--\_||  |        ||  ; "-########### ||            || #####
    \          / _ =- || /         ||  '  ###########X ||            || LX###
     \        / / "   ||.          || /   ########-"   ||            ||.   "-
      \       ||      '| --_     __\\    #####-"      //' --_     __ ||'     
       \      ||     / '    "  ,"   ||    _-" ||      ||     "  '"   "       
        \     ||    / /             ||   /    ||      ||              \\     
         \    ||    ||              ||  .     ||      ||              ||     
          .   ||    ||              ||  |     ||      ||              ||     
              ||    ||             //  :      ||      \\             //      
           "  ||     \\    -  -   //   |      ||       \\    -  -   //       
            \ j|      \\    \/   //    |      ||        \\    \/   //        
             / /       \\   |   //    :       |/         \\   |   //         
             L/         \\  |  //     |       /           \\  |  //   drawn  
             F           \\ | //      |      |             \\ | //     by    
            j             \\ //       |      |              \\ //      MCL - 
            |              .|.        |      /               |||     5/3/88
            |              |||        |     :                |||             

        it's another issue of   A N I M A N G A   N U Z U  ! ! !                 

|____________________/|nimanga Nuzu: Issue II, Vol I           May 6th 1988 |

From the Editor's Throne:

        Hola! Let me introduce myself, I'm the SysOp of Silent Running:
 the Anime BBS of New York City, New York and its our turn to do this
 edition of the Animanga Nuzu(Anime-Manga Nuzu(news)). In this issue
 will be articles from myself, Dave Van Cleef, Masaki Takai, and Emerald
 Gladiator, and whomever we shanghai to do this... (isn't it really funny
 how the names of the contributors seem to remain about the same for each

        First on the aggenda is the creation of an online chapter of the
 national CF/O to be based here at Silent Running BBS and Palace ST. I have
 received the necessary info to become a C/FO chapter, and a sample charter
 to base up the BBS's C/FO on. Hopefully by next issue or the one after,
 I will have written up a charter and have it approved by the National C/FO,
 once  thats done I will need to get six Standard paying members, to become
 an official C/FO chapter with all the benefits which is associated with it. 

        Second, this newsletter has no set release schedule, because it is
 the work of the Users of this BBS done at their leisure, so whatever comes
 out, comes out when and whenever it's finished.

                                            SysOp Michael C. Ling (MCL)
                                                a.k.a. Papa Smurf
                                               Silent Running BBS
                                                   (718) 526-5395

|      R E A D E R   C O M M E N T S   A N D   T H R E A T S               |

       Well... since this is Issue two, so this is the first reader
 feedback column. because ofthe size of this newsletter, the user feedback
 section and its responses will have to abridged to an appropriate size. 
 In a message on Usenet,(no name was passed to me) there has been a comment
 as to the source of the Tokyo Movie Shinsa Tour article of the last issue
 from Brian Cirulnik, apparently a disclaimer was omitted due to the
 ambiguity  of the wording, on the next part of the article the proper
 disclaimers will be in place. as to any more comments regarding that
 article, please leave a public message on the Silent Running BBS or
 Palace ST or EMAIL on CompUserve(tm) to Masaki Takai(75106,3257),
 note: since only one of the major contributors of this newsletter is
 actually on compUserve(tm), responses might not be received or replied to,
 in the same time frame as those two BBS's



Jeff Okamoto writes about:

"I can't believe this was actually written.  To paraphrase William Shatner
 in Saturday Night Live, 'Get a life, will you?' If you really want to
 analyze animation, then tell me why there is a sake bottle and Budweiser
 beer can missile in the Macross movie. Is it because the director wants
 to equate alcohol and war? Tell me why in Bubble Gum Crisis, Celia's
 brother flips her off while driving past her in the store's truck? 
 Is the director implying sibling hatred? Tell me why Camille and Fa
 (from Zeta Gundam) show up in Iczer One? Tell me why the Orguss robot
 shows up in the climactic battle in the Macross series? Tell me why
 Project A-Ko parodied a number of other pieces of animation and yet
 set as its major plot B-Ko's wanting to acquire C-Ko, presumably for
 a lesbian liaison?  Is the director saying that all the pieces parodied
 have homosexual undertones? Tell me why Junk Boy was produced? In case
 you haven't figured it out, sometimes the animators want to have fun.
 I just can't see why someone would want to analyze a movie to this detail.
 Just relax and enjoy."

Jack Szwergold replies(very edited & paraphrased):
   Jack dissagrees with your correspondence and stands very firm behind
 his article's statement. Jack further states that movies aren't just made
 to be made.  "They are made because someone has a story, and wants to
 tell it. Anime is no exception to this... When I director makes a movie
 he/she plots out how the y want everything to look, sound, EVRYTHING...
 Everything is deliberate.... the Beer can (not cans) was put there for
 a reason.... IT WAS AN EASTER EGG.... sure they were having fun,
 but how do you think the movie was made? A bunch of fat slimy guys
 sitting around and drawing tings and making them up as they go along?
 [BULLS..T]! They planned out their story in the best way possible...
 They desgned charcters and ships ahead of time so that they LOOK REAL!!!"

A Note from editor MCL:
    Jack's article was an opinion, and was stated as such, it is merely
 an observation which which has to stand on its own merits. it was not
 presented as fact and yes it is a fairly controvesal and provocative
 claim. although I dissagree agree with the example he used in the article,
 I do agree there is some latent examples of homosexuality in some anime
 features. The numerous use of  androgenous or efeminant male characters,
 and amazon-like mostly female casts in addition to actual homosexual
 protrayals seem to form a proof of such speculation. But then again we
 all could be imagining things too...

|                 A b o u t   t h e   C o n t r i b u t o r s              |
In Chronological Order:

Founding Editor : Jack Swergold (Edison Carter)

Editor  Michael C. Ling (Papa Smurf)
Writer: Artist: Illustration, Sequential art, computer graphics
        System Operator and owner of Silent Running: the anime BBS
Writer: David Von Cleef(on Genie D.VANCLEEF)
        System Operator and owner of the Unknown Kadath BBS
Writer: Masaki Takai (75106,3257)
        Cornell Universitystudent,  Member of Stuff files Staff
        writer for Animag Currently working on making the
        Ultimate DP Movie Script
        one of original tranthe Dirty Pair: Project Eden,
        contributor to AniManga Nuzu #1
Writer: Donald Holman(Emerald Gladiator)
        Contributor to Animanga Nuzu #1, Artist, Video-buff,
        Computer Programmer, SF/Fantasy/Horror Reader,
        and all around great guy.
Writer: Brian Cirulnick
        artist: animation and storyboards, graduate of School of Visual Arts
        member of staff that animated "Desslok's Revenge"


|  A n i M a n g a   N u z u   # 2   c a n   b e   f o u n d  a t :        |

                     Silent Running: the anime BBS 
                              Palace ST            
                            Electric Holt!         

|               T h e   T a b l e   o f   C o n t e n t s                  |

page # 

  1  The Dirty Pair - "Russian Roulette" lyrics (translated) L. & A. Yasuda
  2  Anime character measurements.......................... Michael C. Ling
  4  Saint Seiya Episode guide.............................. Dave Van Cleef
  8  Masaki's OAV new releases list........................... Masaki Takai
  9  List of Anime Retailers..................................Donald Holman
 11  Book report: Baycon Guide 87.............................DOnald Holman
 12  Mini-reviews............................................Brian Cirulnik
 12  List of Anime BBS's and What's for Next issue..........Michael C. Ling


| The Dirty Pair title song: Russian Roulette (translated)         page -1- |

Ro-Ro-Ro Russian Ruuretto
"Russian Roulette", Opening theme to Dirty Pair
Translation by Liz & Aki Yasuda
from Banzai Corner...
From the December '86 NY CF/O newsletter
copied By Papa Smurf w/syntax corrections by Masaki Takai (04/17/88)

Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Roshian                  Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Russian
Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Roshian               Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Russian
Kake no nai koi nado tsumaranai            A Love without a gamble is a bore
Itsumo hara hara doki doki sasete yo       So, always make me tremble
                                           Make my heart beat fast
Taikutsu na toki niwa sasowarechau no yo   At boring times I am tempted
warui kokoro ga tomaranai                  A wicked heart is never satisfied
#| Konya himitsu no kajino ni oide yo      Tonight come to a secret casino
 | Tamanya muboo na asobi ni yoishire      Sometimes, with wild play
 | Ochite yuku yoo na kibun wa naretara    Once you used to falling,
 | kowai yo                                it's scary
 | Kuse ni narisoo na ekusutashi           I'm addicted to estasy
 | Roshian Roshian Ruuretto                Russian Russian Roulette
 | Imasugu kokoro ni shiro kuro tsukute    Now your heart must decide
 |@Nibuku hikatta magnunamu motsutabi      When I hold the dully shiny magnum
 | Hosoi rain(line) ni denki ga hashiru wa Electricity runs in a narrow lane
 | Ichika bachika de anata o               I take my chances until
 | toriko ni suru made                     you are my prisoner
 | Watashi kiken na Roshian Ru-retto       I am dangerous Russian Roulette
 |^Hara hara doki doki DANCE DANCE         Shake Shake Beat Beat DANCE DANCE
 |_Uki uki waku waku CHANCE CHANCE         Up Up Thrill Thrill CHANCE CHANCE

Kakugo o kimete                         Get Ready!

(repeat #)                              (repeat #)

Koko made kitara                        if I've come this far
Ato ni wa hikenai                       I can't go back

Nibuku hikatta magunamu dakishime       Hugging the dully shiny magnum
Sukoshi obieru kawaii erufin            A little frightened, a darling elf
Inochi o kakete anata o                 I'll risk my life until
toriko ni suru made                     you are my prisoner
Watshi kiken na, Roshian ruu-retto      I'm dangerous, Russian Roulette

(repeat 1x @)                           (repeat 1x @)
(repeat 2x ^)                           (repeat 2x ^)

Kakugo o kimete!                        Get Ready!

(repeat 2x ^)                           (repeat 2x ^)

Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha CHANCE          Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha CHANCE

| ANIME CHARACTER SPECS              by Michael C. Ling (4/18/88)  page -2- |

          One of the things I like most about anime as compared to regular animation is that anime tends to use human characters; although certain parts of the anatomy may be slightly exagerated, these characters are nonetheless human. And the anime books based on numerous series do take the time to flesh out the characters even further by giving specs on body measurements and even background info on the characters. For instance Fans of Robotech would be surprised at how much detailed information there is about the characters of the Macross Saga(Super Dimensional Space Fortress Macross) and of the female characters of the Southern Cross. The following will be a brief listing of character info's from various anime series.

Anime name(US Name)           |B-day|age |height|weight|bust|wais|hip |type|
Bretai Kridanik(Breetai)      | n/a | 34 |1130cm|16.75t| n/a| n/a| n/a| n/a|
Bruno Growbal(Henry Gloval)   | n/a | 46 | 194cm|   n/a| n/a| n/a| n/a| n/a|
Claudia LaSuel(Claudia Grant) | n/a | 24 | 182cm|  59kg|90cm|58cm|92cm| O  |
Hayao Kakizaki(Ben Dixon)     | n/a | 17 | 207cm| 140kg| n/a| n/a| n/a| n/a|
Hikaru Ichijoe(Rick Hunter)   | n/a | 16 | 175cm|  58kg| n/a| n/a| n/a| n/a|
Kamjin Kravshera(Khyron)      | n/a | 22 | 988cm|   10t| n/a| n/a| n/a| n/a|
Kim(Kim Young)                | n/a | 19 | 164cm|  49kg|80cm|59cm|85cm| A  |
Jiyamisu Merin(Janice         | n/a | 25 | 168cm|  47kg|90cm|60cm|90cm| AB |
Lap Lamiz(Azonia)             | n/a | 24 | 940cm|7.375t|430cm300cm440cm n/a|
Lynn Min May(Lynn Min Mei)    |10/10| 16 | 158cm|  47kg|80cm|58cm|87cm| AB |
Lynn Kaifun(Lynn Kyle)        | n/a | 19 | 182cm|  67kg| n/a| n/a| n/a| n/a|
Max Giinas(Max Sterling)      | n/a | 16 | 181cm|  61kg| n/a| n/a| n/a| n/a|
Milia Farina(Miriya Farina)   | n/a | 15 | 855cm| 625kg|415cm290cm420cm BZ |
Misa Hayase(Lisa Hayes)       | n/a | 19 | 168cm|  45kg|83cm|57cm|86cm| AB |
Roy Fokker                    | n/a | 29 | 216cm| 118kg| n/a| n/a| n/a| n/a|
Shammie(Sammie Porter)        | n/a | 18 | 155cm|  48kg|81cm|61cm|86cm| O  |
The Nurse                     | n/a | 18 | 158cm|  45kg|84cm|57cm|83cm| n/a|
Vanessa(Vanessa Leeds)        | n/a | 21 | 167cm|  49kg|79cm|60cm|87cm| B  |

Anime name(US Name)           |B-day|age |height|weight|bust|wais|hip |type|
Jeanne Francaix(Dana Sterling)| 8/05| 18 | 165cm|  43kg|85cm|60cm|87cm| O  |
Lana Isavia(Nova Satori)      | 1/19| 19 | 170cm|  50kg|88cm|62cm|90cm| A  |
Marie Angel(Marie Crystal)    | 4/14| 20 | 175cm|  48kg|85cm|60cm|87cm| B  |

Anime name                    |B-day|age |height|weight|bust|wais|hip |type|
Kei                           | n/a | 18 | 171cm|  58kg|85cm|57cm|91cm| A+ |
Yuri                          | n/a | 18 | 168cm|  55kg|84cm|56cm|90cm| A+ |

| ANIME CHARACTER SPECS              by Michael C. Ling (4/18/88)  page -3- |

Anime name                    |B-day|age |height|weight|bust|wais|hip |type|
A-Ko Magami                   | n/a | 17 | 163cm|  52kg|79cm|60cm|82cm| O  |
B-Ko Daitokuji                | n/a | 17 | 168cm|  56kg|86cm|58cm|88cm| A  |
C-Ko Kotobuki                 | n/a | 17 | 155cm|  43kg|72cm|60cm|75cm| B  |

Anime name                    |B-day|age |height|weight|bust|wais|hip |type|
Patty                         | n/a | 17 | 156cm|  n/a |80cm|53cm|80cm| n/a|
Rabby                         | n/a | 19 | 168cm|  n/a |82cm|56cm|83cm| n/a|
Rumy                          | n/a | 17 | 137cm|  n/a |73cm|50cm|76cm| n/a|

| ST. SEIYA EPISODE GUIDE            by Dave Van Cleef (04/19/88) page -4- |

          It  is said that in the distant past, against the forces  of 

     Ares,  god  of war, that Athena, patron of  young  warriors,  was 

     protected by a band of such powerful fighters, her Saints.

          Each  of  the Saints wore a suit of mystic armor,  called  a 

     cloth, which had ties to one of the 88 major constellations.  The 

     cloths, in addition to protecting the Saint, allowed him to focus 

     his inner self, amplifying his powers.

          The  most powerful cloths were golden, and  represented  the 

     twelve  houses of the Zodiac.  There were also silver and  bronze 

     cloths, less powerful than the gold.

          In  various incarnations throughout history, Athena and  her 

     Saints have been called upon to battle Ares' minions.   Recently, 

     a  gold  cloth  has surfaced.  This surely  means  that  Ares  is 

     threatening humanity again.  Will Athena reappear, and if so, who 

     will stand with her?

                  The Saint Seiya Episode Guide -- Part I

                             Copyright (c)1988
                             By David Van Cleef 
                            All Rights Reserved

     Permission  is given to distribute this guide freely as  part  of 

     'Animanga  Nuzu'.   All other uses require  permission  from  the 

     author, and any distribution must contain this clause.

                    Special  thanks  to Madelyn Switzer

                   for translating  the  Episode titles,

              and help with the character names/descriptions.

| ST. SEIYA EPISODE GUIDE            by Dave Van Cleef (04/19/88) page -5- |

     Episode  1:  Return to Life! Heroic Legend

     New Characters:

     Lionet  - I have no real name for Lionet.  His  constellation  is 
          Leo Minor.

     Jabu - Jabu is the Unicorn Saint.
     Seiya   -  Seiya  is  a  Japanese  orphan,  searching   for   his      
          sister, who was separated from him when he entered  training      
          at Sanctuary, home of the Saints.  His cloth is that of  the 
          winged   horse,   Pegasus.   His  'Pegasus  Ryu   Sei   Ken'           
          (Pegasus Meteor Fists) exceed Mach 1. 

     Cassius  -  Cassius  is training at  Sanctuary.   His  sensei  is 
          Shaina.  He is a dark-skinned giant, with a mohawk of  white 
          hair.   He has been a bully towards Seiya ever  since  Seiya 
          arrived at Sanctuary.

     Marin  - Marin is Seiya's trainer, the Silver Saint Aquilla,  the 
          eagle.   She is red haired, and wears a mask, as all  female 
          saints do.

     Shaina  - Shaina is another female Silver Saint,  Ophiuchus,  the      
          serpent-holder.   She wears the silver mask, and looks  very      
          much like Marin, except that her hair is green.


          The narrator gives us a brief recap of the Saints'  history, 
     and  we shift to the Coliseum, where the games are  in  progress.  
     Unicorn  is  putting up much of a fight, and it appears  that  he 
     will lose.  The scene then shifts to Sanctuary, the Greek home of 
     the  Saints.   Seiya is to fight Shaina's  student,  Cassius  for 
     possession  of  the  Pegasus cloth.  Cassius  puts  on  a  strong 
     initial showing, and grabs Seiya in his huge fist and chops  down 
     towards his head.  We see a bloody ear fall to the ground, but it 
     isn't Seiya's.  Seiya then handily defeats his opponent with  the 
     'Pegasus  Meteor Fists'.  Seiya leaves Sanctuary for  Japan  with 
     the  Pegasus cloth, but he and Marin are intercepted  by  Shaina, 
     who battles Seiya.  All looks hopeless for Seiya, as he is beaten 
     on  by  Shaina,  but he reaches the box  containing  the  Pegasus 
     cloth,  and activates it.  Even with the Pegasus cloth, Seiya  is 
     about  to  be defeated by Shaina, and is being beaten on  by  her 
     men, when suddenly the cloth begins to glow, and Shaina's cronies 
     are  burned.   Seiya  uses the Meteor  Fist  attack,  and  slices 
     Shaina's mask off her face.  (For a female Saint, having her face 
     seen  is  humiliating.)  Having defeated her,  Seiya  leaves  for 
     Japan, and the games.

| ST. SEIYA EPISODE GUIDE            by Dave Van Cleef (04/19/88) page -6- |

     Episode  2:  Burn! Pegasus Meteor Fists

     New Character:

     Saori  Kido - Saori is the granddaughter of Mitsumasa  Kido,  the      
          founder  of the Grado Institute which took custody  of  many      
          orphans  and sent them off to be trained to  become  Saints.       
          After Mitsumasa's death, Saori respects his wishes and  acts      
          as the mistress of the games.

     Tatsumi  - Tatsumi is the butler at the Saori mansion.  He  is  a 
          demanding fellow, but a loyal servant.

     Geki - Geki is huge physically, nearly as big as Cassius.  As the 
          Bear  Saint, he uses his massive size and physical  strength 
          to defeat his opponents.


          We return to the Coliseum and the match between Unicorn  and 
     Lionet.  When last we left them, Lionet had Unicorn on the ropes.  
     (Well, actually Chains)  Unicorn smiles, does a flip through  the 
     air,  and  executes  an attack that  quickly  vanquishes  Lionet.  
     Later,  at  the  Saori mansion, Seiya arrives, and  is  shown  by 
     Tatsumi  to Saori, who is talking with Jabu.  Seiya and Jabu  get 
     into  an  argument, which nearly leads to combat.   Later  still, 
     Seiya  has his first match, against Bear.  Bear's great  strength 
     and size has Seiya reeling, and eventually in a chokehold.  Seiya 
     counters this by smashing Bear's gauntlets.  After breaking free, 
     a Meteor Fist attack irreparably shatters Bear's armor, and  Bear 
     drops to the floor, battered into unconsciousness (or shock).

     Episode  3:  Cygnus! Warrior of the Ice Floes

     New Characters:

     Hyuga  -  Hyuga  is  an orphan (as are  all  five   major  bronze      
          saints).  His home is in Siberia.  As the Cygnus Saint,  his      
          special  powers are the 'Diamond Dust' attack, which  blasts      
          the  victim  with  cold, and  the  'Aurora  Thunder',  which      
          encases his opponent in ice.

     Hydra  -  Another  unnamed  Saint.   Hydra  uses  removable   and 
          extendible claws to defeat his opponents.


          The place is Siberia.  We see Hyuga shed his fur parka,  and 
     punch a hole through the ice.  He then dives down to a shipwreck, 
     enters  it,  and  comes  across a  female  corpse,  his  mothers, 
     perfectly preserved in the cold.  He approaches it, and places  a 
     rose in her hair.  As Hyuga leaves, we can see that the whole bed 
     is  covered  with  flowers.  After surfacing,  he   approaches  a 
     glacier,  and with one punch, shatters off a great sheet of  ice, 
     revealing  the  Cygnus cloth, which he dons.   Upon  arriving  in 
     Japan,  Hyuga's  first opponent in the games is  Hydra.   Hydra's 
     claws  score  first blood, and are very surprising,  but  with  a 
     'Diamond Dust' attack, Hyuga dispatches him with ease.

| ST. SEIYA EPISODE GUIDE            by Dave Van Cleef (04/19/88) page -7- |

     Episode  4:  Dragon! Matchless Fists and Shield

     New Characters:

     Shiryu - Shiryu bears the cloth of the Dracos (Dragon) Saint.  To 
          the  outward world, he is very serious, almost to the  point 
          of  being  grim.  The most important things to him  are  his 
          honor,  and the friendship he shares with the  other  bronze 
          saints.  His special skill encompasses an intensive study of 
          the  martial arts, but his most effective technique  is  the 
          'Ascending Dragon' attack.

     Shunrei - Shunrei is a servant of Shiryu's sensei, as well as his 


          Returning  to  the  coliseum, Seiya's next  match  pits  him 
     against  Dragon.  After an impressive initial  showing,  Shunrei, 
     Dragon's  girlfriend, arrives, and tells him that he must  return 
     to  his sensei.  We flash back to the scene of Shiryu  perfecting 
     his  ascending  dragon technique.  Dragon continues to  pound  on 
     Seiya.   Even the Meteor Fist technique cannot get past  Dragon's 
     shield.   Seiya seems beaten, but he has one last strategem.   He 
     charges  Shiryu,  and  lets  Shiryu's  punch  turn  on   himself, 
     shattering  the shield.  With this, Seiya and Shiryu  square  off 
     against each other sans armor.  So begins round two!

     Episode  5:  Miraculous Revival? The Microcosm of Friendship

     New Characters:

     Miho  -  Seiya grew up with Miho in the orphanage before  he  was 
          taken off to be trained at Sanctuary.  She now works at  the 
          orphanage, and is Seiya's girlfriend, and biggest fan.

     Shun  -  Shun,  green-haired  and  slightly  effeminate,  is  the 
          Andromeda  Saint.   He is searching for  his  brother  Ikki.  
          They  were separated after they were taken in by  the  Grado 
          Foundation.  His mystic Nebula Chains protect him, are  used 
          to attack, and have some mystic divination properties.


          Dragon and Pegasus again square off, this time apparently on 
     more  even  ground.  We again flash back to  scenes  of  Shiryu's 
     training.  In his haste to defeat Seiya and return to his sensei, 
     Dragon  slips up, and Seiya is able to land a blow on his  chest, 
     inducing  a  heart  attack.  Dragon is  pronounced  dead,  and  a 
     grieving  Shunrei  pleads with Seiya to  do  something.   Another 
     mighty Meteor Punch restarts Dragon's heart (as well as  knocking 
     both  he  and Andromeda through the air and  crashing  through  a 
     wall), and all is well.

     Well,  that's it for part one.  Part two will  cover  either 
     episodes 5-15 or 5-10, depending on space.

|    M A S A K I ' S    O.A.V.    L I S T             (04/19/88)  page -8- |

HIKARU:  Kimi ni kono uta o ..... utatte moraitai.

Hi!  And welcome to the first installment of Masaki's OAV list.  In this 

column, I will be presenting upcoming (and just released) OAVs' names, their

translated names, their release dates, their prices (in yen), and running

times.  I will also mention where the information came from so those of you

who wish to know more about these titles can go there and look it up.  Now,

this issue's "Look Out!"s are "AppleSeed" and "MechPolice Patlabor VOL. 1".

First off, "AppleSeed".  "AppleSeed" is being made by Gainax, the same studio

that did "Wings of Honneamise" so you know we can expect quality work!  It is

the story of ESWAT member Dunan and her cyborg sidekick Briareos in the city of

the future Olympus.  As such, it will have plenty of handgun and rifle action

so gun fans can be very happy.  On a side note, it is based on a manga which is

drawn by the same artist who was responsible for "BlackMagic M-66" so if you

liked "M-66", you should like this one.  From the clips that I have seen of

"AppleSeed", it looks hot!  Secondly, I would like to recommend "MechPolice

Patlabor".  Being produced by Studio Dean, it has a staff that would make any

anime envious!  Director:  Mamoru Oshii (UY2, Angel's Egg), Screenplay:  

Kazunori Itoh (Maison Ikkoku series, Twilight Q), and Character Design: Akemi

Takada (UY, Orange Road, Twilight Q).  Also, as part of a Bandai pricing 

experiment, it will bring anime tape prices to a new low:  4800 yen!  This

price is also good for the LD so Laser fans can also rejoice!  Well, that

about wraps it up for this issue's "Masaki's OAV List".  Take care and see

you next issue!

(Legend:  Figures with "p" next to them mean "projected".  That figure is not

final.  Figures with "u" or "u" by itself means "unknown".  That figure has 

not yet been decided.  All prices are in yen and are for the tape version.

Names that are all in CAPS mean that that name is presently being used until

a final name is decided.  All translated names are approximations...

please do not nitpick.)

|    M A S A K I ' S    O.A.V.    L I S T             (04/19/88)  page -8- |

NAME                     TRANSLATED NAME             RELEASE DATE PRICE TIME
!Votoms - Yabou no Roots!Votoms - The Roots of Ambition !03/19/88! 9800 !56 !
!Saishyuu Kyooshi       !The Ultimate Teacher           !03/25/88!11800 !60 !
!Harbor Light Monogatari!The Tales of Harbor Light      !03/11/88!11800 !50 !
!Xanadu-Doragon Sulayer !Xanadu - The Legend of the     !released!12800 !50 !
!       no Densetsu     !         Dragon Slayer         !        !      !   !
!Madonna - Honoo no     !Madonna - Burning Teacher      !03/25/88!12800 !50 !
!          Tiicha       !                               !        !      !   !
!AppuruSiido            !AppleSeed                      !04/21/88!12800 !70p!
!Seisenshi Dunbine 2    !Aura Battler Dunbine 2         !05/25/88!12800 !75 !
!Daatii Pea 4           !Dirty Pair 4                   !03/21/88! 9800 !50 !
!Toukyou Baisu          !Tokyo Vice                     !06/25  p! 9800 !60 !
!Zukkoke 3-nin Gumi /   !The Ridiculous Group of 3 /    !04/01/88! 9800 !57 !
!  Zukkoke Jikuu Booken ! Ridiculous Space-Time Adventur!        !      !   !
!Kidoo Keisatsu         !MechPolice Patlabor VOL 1      !04/25/88! 4800 !30 !
!  Patoleibaa VOL 1     !                               !        !      !   !
!Kidoo Senshi SD Gandamu!Mobile Suit SD Gundam          !05/25/88! 7800 !30 !
!Kujyakuoo              !King Peacock                   !04/29/88!11800p!60p!
!Dominion ACT 1 -       !Dominion ACT 1 - Crime War     !05/27/88! 9800 !45p!
!  Hanzai Sensou        !                               !        !      !   !
!Maa Jyan Tobikage Den  !The Legend of Mah Jong Tobikage!05/25/88!12800p!45p!
!Akai Koodan Jilion -   !Zillion - Burning Night        !06/21  p! 9800 !45p!
!  Baaningu Naito       !                               !        !      !   !
!Kyuuketsuki Miyu       !Vampire Princess Miyu          !July   p!  u   !30 !
!Tooyamazakura Uchuujyou!His Name is Gold               !Summer p!  u   !60p!
! -Yatsu no nawa Goorudo!                               !        !      !   !
!Makai Toshi (Shinjyuku)!Demon World City (Shinjuku)    !August p!14800p!80p!
!Shibuya Honkitonku VOL1!Shibuya Honkytonk VOL. 1       !05/25  p! 9800 !30 !
!EESU O NERAE! 2 - VOL.1!GO FOR THE ACE! 2 - VOL. 1     !June   p!  u   ! u !
!Watto-po to bokura no  !The Story of Me and Watto-po   !07/30  p!  u   !60p!
!  Ohanashi             !                               !        !      !   !
!Goddo Maazu - Jyuunana !God Mars - The Legend of 17    !06/05  p!11000p!55p!
!  sai no Densetsu      !   Years Old                   !        !      !   !
!KIZUOIBITO VOL. 5 -    !KIZUOIBITO VOL. 5 - FINAL      !August p! 9800p!35p!
!  FAINARU TATCHIDAAUN  !   TOUCHDOWN                   !        !      !   !
!Kaze o Nuke!           !Pass the Wind!                 !Autumn u!  u   ! u !
!What's Michael 2       !What's Michael 2               !    u   !  u   ! u !
!Yooseioo               !King Fairy                     !Autumn u!  u   ! u !
!Purojekuto A-ko 3      !Project A-ko 3                 !06/21  p!11800 !40p!

(This information comes from the April Animage issue)

|   LIST OF ANIME RETAILERS            by Donald Holman (4/23/88) page -9- |

     Alternate Worlds                   Bud Plant  
     ----------------------             ----------------------
     9924 York Road                     PO Box 1886 
     Cockeysville, MD 21030             Grass Valley, CA 95945
     (301) 667-0440                     (916) 273-9588
     Catalog: ?                         Cat: ?                     
     [Books, T-shirts]                  Hrs: M-F 7-5(pt)           
                                        [Books, models, toys]      
     Anime Zone [Minstrel Press]        Cactus Air Force
     ---------------------------        -------------------------  
     PO Box 87                          PO Box 761                 
     Rahway, NJ 07065-9998              College Station, TX 77841  
     Cat: $1                            (409) 846-0408             
     [Tapes, magazines, mangas,         Cat: ?                     
      LDs, CDs, records, posters]       [Models, toys, books]      
     Atomic City                        Collector's Castle Comics & Sci-Fi
     ---------------------------        -----------------------------------
     1700 San Antonio                   175 Center St.               
     Austin, TX 78701                   Wallington, CT 06492   
     Cat: ?                             (203) 269-8502         
     [Models, toys]                     Catalog: ?             
                                        [Tapes, toys]          
     Books Nippan [California]          Comics For Heroes
     ------------------------------     ----------------------------
     532 West 6th Street                1702 West Foster
     Los Angeles, CA 90014              Chicago, IL 60640
     (213) 687-7400                     (312) 769-4745
     Hrs: M-F 10-7; Sat 11-5            Cat: $.50
     Cat: $3                            [Japanese items(?)]
     [Books, magazines, tapes,          
      posters, records, comics]         
     Books Nippon [New York]            Forbidden Planet
     ---------------------------        ----------------------------
     115 West 57th Street               821 Broadway
     New York, NY 10019                 New York, NY 10002
     (212) 582-4622                     Catalog: ?
     Cat: $3                            [Books, magazines, records,
     Hrs: M-F 10-8; Sat 11-8; Sun 12-7   CD's, Toys]
     [same as California]               
     Books Nippan Animation Fan Club    Geppi's Comic World
     --------------------------------   ----------------------------
     1123 Dominguez Street, Unit K      7019 Security Blvd.
     Carson, CA 90746                   Baltimore, MD 21207
     [Annual membership is $12.         (301) 298-1727
      Contact David Riddick at          Catalog: ?
      the above address                 [Books, comics, posters]
      for more information]             

|   LIST OF ANIME RETAILERS  cont..   by Donald Holman (4/23/88) page -10- |

     Kensington Gardens                 Space Station Studios
     PO Box 582                         451 Moody Street, Suite 138
     Clinton, WA 98236                  Waltham, Mass. 02154
     Catalog: ?                         Cat: $1
     [Anime publications]               [Books, magazines, mangas,
                                         posters, models, toys]

     Melody Records                     Third Planet #2
     16127 S. Western Ave.              10001 Longpoint
     Gardena, CA 90247                  Houston, TX 77055
     Catalog: ?                         (713) 984-9922
     [Magazines, records]               Cat: ?
                                        [Books, posters]

     Mindbridge [Dundalk]               Wyvern Web Graphics
     1786 Merrit Blvd.                  PO Box 5784
     Baltimore, MD 21236                Titusville, Florida 32783
     (301) 284-7880                     (305) 268-8095
     Cat: ?                             Cat: Free
     Hrs: M-Sat 10-8                    [Books, magazine subs, tapes,
     [Models, toys, magazines]           LDs, CDs, records, posters]

     Mindbridge [Perry Hall]            
     9847 Belair Road                   
     Perry Hall, MD 21128               
     (301) 256-7880                     
     Cat: ?                             
     Hrs: M-F 11-7; Sat 10-7; Sun 11-3  
     [Books, magazines, posters,        
      models, figures, toys]            

     Wyvern Web Graphics
     PO Box 5784
     Titusville, Florida 32783
     (305) 268-8095
     Cat: Free
     [Books, magazine subs, tapes,
      LDs, CDs, records, posters]

   The preceding was a list of Japanese animation merchandise dealers. If you have any corrections for or additions to this list, then please let me know on either the Silent Running or Palace ST BBS' or you can write to me at: PO Box 27360, Baltimore MD 21216-1207.

     Remember, the merchandise in the '[]' are not the only things these stores carrty. It just gives you a general idea of what they sell.


| Book Review:  BayCon '87 JapAnimation Guide   By Donald Holman page -11- |

     As mentioned in Animanga Nuzu #1, the 'BayCon '87 JapAnime Guide'
 (BayCon; 70 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", $4.95) is out. How long it has been available nationwide is unknown to me, but I doubt that time will weaken any of the information found within its pages (I'll supply a list of the synopses found in it at the end of this review).

     The sharp, 2-color (red & grey) cover is the first thing to catch your eye, but that's just the beginning. The best is just a page turn away in the form of over 30 synopses of your favorite Japanese Animation movies, OAV's and series. But that's not all. Each synopsis is accompanied by one, or two, black and white illustrations, usually depicting the main characters or mecha of the anime. The printing is nicely done and the text is clear, easy to read, and uncluttered. A grat job by anyone, but even more so when you consider it was done by an anime club.

     When I first recieved this book, it was my intention to type in one of the synopses every now and then for the newsletter, but it has since come to my attention that all of them are copyrighted. Even if they had not been, I now doubt that I would have done this. The people that created this guide deserve better than that. This is a book that everyone, viewers and collectors alike,  should, and with it's very small price tag, can have.

     As said before, the distribution of the guide is unknown to me. For information about its availability, send a SASE to: BayCon, P.O. Box 70393, Sunnyvale CA 94086.


List of Synopses:

 Area 88, Act III                        Arion
 Arriverderci Yamato                     Cagliostro's Castle [Lupin III]
 Cobra [Pilot and Movie]                 Cosmo Police Justy
 Crusher Joe                             Dagger of Kamui
 DaiCon                                  Dancougar: Requim for Victims
 Dragonar, Episode 1                     Eternal Story [Gall Force]
 Etranger                                Fist of the Northstar: The Movie
 Galient III                             Gundam 1-3
 Iczer 1, Acts I-III                     L-Gaim III
 Laputa [Castle in the Sky]              Lensman Movie
 M.D. Geist                              Macross: Do You Remember Love?
 Megazone 23, Parts I & II               Mospeada: Love, Live, Alive
 My Youth In Arcadia                     Nausicca
 Project A-Ko                            Remember My Love [Urusei Yatsura 3]
 Super Gal [Lumic World]                 Time Stranger
 Tobikage, Episode 1                     Vampire Hunter 'D'

|  M i n i - R e v i e w s         by Brian Cirulnick (05/03/88) page -12- |

ELF 17:

        Be warned, this is very bad and almost too cute. This short (30 min) OVA concerns a cute blond wrestling elf in a fall apart bathing suit, an idiot who thinks he's a robot, and a plot to uncover a valuable alien artifact. There's plenty of stupidity running rampant in this OVA, most of which is involved with tired sight gags, and alot of Japanese "in" jokes, most of which are unreadable, except by a few who might find this whole thing mildly amusing.


        This was alot better by contrast. This involves a boy who through a stroke of bad luck, finds that he can trun himself into a superpowered demon of sorts. Then all his friends start dieing around him and the fun really starts. The opening five minutes was the best part of the whole thing, but overall, it's a little better than alot of the other junk floating around.


 This is basically a recap of the first couple of episodes, with, what looks like some new animation thrown in as it is done in a "memory flashback" style. Okay if you liked the show. Then I belive is some stuff that takes place after the final episode of the show, but I can't be sure as I haven't really followed the show at all. Again, This will be good if you like the show.

|  L i s t   o f   A n i m e   R e l a t e d   B.B.S.'s         (05/06/88) |

     NAME         BAUD      TELEPHONE #   COMMENT
--------------  --------  --------------  --------------------------------
Electric Holt   300-1200  (215) 387-4326  Elfquest/anime/SF/Comics/RPG
Palace St BBS   300-2400  (212) 219-3896  Anime SIG
Sherwood Forest 300-1200? (...) ...-....  ANime SIG, Robosmut
Silent Running  300-1200  (718) 526-5395  Anime/SF/Comics/Movies/Amiga SIGs
Tomobiki-net    300       (313) 884-0418  Anime/manga/Jap TV/etc.
Unknown Kadath  300-2400  (201) 615-0214  Anime SIG

Please let us know about any other BBS's supporting  anime!

|  What's Scheduled for the Animanga Nuzu #3                    (05/06/88) |

another ascii Anime picture for a cover(maybe I'll make it a calendar?)
more book and movie reviews!
another installment of Masaki's OAV list
another installment of the Episode guide for ST. Seiya
another installment of the tour to the TMS studio

-------------- ah bah demb ah bah demb ah that's all folks!!! --------------
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Re: Animanga Nuzu

Post by Fireminer »

I have no idea that Hitoshi Doi also wrote for fanzines beside his work at the Seiyuu Database.

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Re: Animanga Nuzu

Post by davemerrill »

If I hadn't been a member of Animanga APA a year or so before this BBS zine, I'd think this was the earliest use of the word "Animanga"...

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Re: Animanga Nuzu

Post by TheMidnightSnack »

Where on earth did you find these?
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Re: Animanga Nuzu

Post by Drew_Sutton »

Fireminer wrote:
Tue May 07, 2019 3:46 am
I have no idea that Hitoshi Doi also wrote for fanzines beside his work at the Seiyuu Database.
While I first came across his work thanks to the Seiyuu Database (and his other webpages at but much later, I came across his summaries posted to UseNet. I didn't know he wrote for fanzines, too but I imagine that whatever he wrote there wasn't too much different than on UseNet or his sites.
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Re: Animanga Nuzu

Post by Fireminer »

Drew_Sutton wrote:
Wed May 08, 2019 7:39 pm
While I first came across his work thanks to the Seiyuu Database (and his other webpages at but much later, I came across his summaries posted to UseNet. I didn't know he wrote for fanzines, too but I imagine that whatever he wrote there wasn't too much different than on UseNet or his sites.
What Hitoshi Doi did back then with the Seiyuu Database feels quite remarkable on a technological to me personally. I mean, computer literacy in Japan has been somewhat lower than other developed countries, right? I wonder how thing was back then, when IBM PC had just started to gain a foothold in Japan. I've heard from some circles that one reason for MSX lasting so long was that MS DOS had a problem recognizing the Japanese alphabets. Windows 95 fixed that, though.

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Re: Animanga Nuzu

Post by Drew_Sutton »

Fireminer wrote:
Fri May 10, 2019 6:15 am
Drew_Sutton wrote:
Wed May 08, 2019 7:39 pm
While I first came across his work thanks to the Seiyuu Database (and his other webpages at but much later, I came across his summaries posted to UseNet. I didn't know he wrote for fanzines, too but I imagine that whatever he wrote there wasn't too much different than on UseNet or his sites.
What Hitoshi Doi did back then with the Seiyuu Database feels quite remarkable on a technological to me personally. I mean, computer literacy in Japan has been somewhat lower than other developed countries, right? I wonder how thing was back then, when IBM PC had just started to gain a foothold in Japan. I've heard from some circles that one reason for MSX lasting so long was that MS DOS had a problem recognizing the Japanese alphabets. Windows 95 fixed that, though.
Literacy, I would say no. Especially in an age of mobile technologies. Until the smartphone days (and really, iPhone and Android specifically), Japanese phone handsets in particular were considered some of the best and most technologically advanced phones you could get. Phones going back to the late 1990s used email in addition to SMS and had other features those of us in North America could only dream of. For instance, my friend's phone in 2009 (which wasn't a new or high end model) had an antenna that we could watch over the air television. Producers and providers like NTT DoCoMo, Softbank and others used proprietary cellular network technologies that essentially nerfed phone functionality outside of Japan.

Usually what you might hear about Japan being "behind the times" technologically, is especially in business, is mostly for adoption. There is a lot of manual work still done, a lot of literal paper pushing and a lot of reliance on older technologies. Fax, in particular is one I hear brought up a lot. In the US a lot, most people might only fax something when they are buying real estate - it's seen as outdated. But in Japan, a lot of companies still conduct business by fax. One interesting theory I've heard is that the young, enterprising managers who championed the productivity advancements of faxes are now the senior managers and Japan is not known for accepting cultural changes well. PC adoption is something I would love to know more about, especially if there were more "homegrown" brands that were more popular than IBM PC clones.

Speaking of Doi specifically though - if I recall correctly, his Usenet posts had either DoCoMo or NTT email addresses and his computers page has a lot of systems running Linux listed, so I think that he must have studied computer science or engineering and work(ed|s) is some technology focused field. English language, and by extension Roman characters (for other languages that don't use those characters), is still the lingua franca for a lot of technology fields, regardless of the language that the business might use everyday. In this case, Doi is probably atypical of your average Japanese computer user, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. The database, as I checked the other day, is a proper database with separate fields and now an HTML display. Way back when, it was literally a text file, so the CTRL+F was your friend.

I find the idea of a BBS fanzine completely fascinating. Honestly, I find BBSes fascinating, too but I wonder how many other subcultures there were on BBSes that weren't your typical hacker/phreaker interest, or, has there always been some segment where those folks crossed with Japanese cartoons?
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Re: Animanga Nuzu

Post by gaijinpunch »

Literacy, I would say no. Especially in an age of mobile technologies. Until the smartphone days (and really, iPhone and Android specifically), Japanese phone handsets in particular were considered some of the best and most technologically advanced phones you could get. Phones going back to the late 1990s used email in addition to SMS and had other features those of us in North America could only dream of. For instance, my friend's phone in 2009 (which wasn't a new or high end model) had an antenna that we could watch over the air television. Producers and providers like NTT DoCoMo, Softbank and others used proprietary cellular network technologies that essentially nerfed phone functionality outside of Japan.
Yeah, but that database long predates the smart phones. Japan was ironically scared of the PC for a developed nation. Personally I blame NTT for the whole thing. Anyway, If he was a CS student, it makes a lot of sense. If he was just an average otaku, it's quite remarkable. Having lived in Japan when the internet was taking off everywhere else (but only on handhelds in Japan) I am in the camp that Japan is technologically behind he times in a lot of ways. Most ways, I would say. Many people argue that they are (finally) adopting startup culture, but it from what I've seen and read it's basically a facade, with the same nightmare work conditions and Excel-used-for-everything nightmare.

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Re: Animanga Nuzu

Post by Drew_Sutton »

gaijinpunch wrote:
Fri May 31, 2019 5:27 am
Japan was ironically scared of the PC for a developed nation. Personally I blame NTT for the whole thing.
I'd love to hear more about this, sounds so fascinating that NTT could both likewise hold the market (country) hostage and yet themselves not get into the PC business like NEC and Matsushita.
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Excuse me, I need to evict some juvenile delinquents from my yard.

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