1982 Dirty Pair uni student fan animation

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1982 Dirty Pair uni student fan animation

Post by PinkAppleJam » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:58 pm

Hi all! I was doing some YouTubing and stumbled across this animation uploaded last year. This looks like is based on Haruka Takachiho's novels directly (Yoshikazu Yasuhiko designs) and predates the TV anime by 3-4 years?!

自主制作アニメ、ダーティペアの大冒険 後編、1982


My Japanese is ruuuuuubbish but Google translate did a decent translation (pasted below).

Anyone have any more info about this?
Voluntary production animation, Dirty Pair's Great Adventure Part 2, 1982
Kohn Kono
Published on 27 Jan 2016

Dirty Pair's Adventure 【Part 2】 1982 Production
This work is the third work of autogenerated cell animation "Dirty Pair's Adventure" which was created by Nihon University College of Science and Engineering from 1980 to 1982.
First part, production in 1980 (showing time 11 minutes, 8 mm, Fuji Color RT 200)
Second part, produced in 1981 (showing time 14 minutes, 8 mm, Fuji Color RT 200)
Later production, production in 1982 (showing time 18 minutes, 8 mm, Fuji color R 25, shooting ZC 1000) (Partially added in 1983)

It is not sane when I think about now, such as making cell animation that goes over 40 minutes at university club activity (about 10 amateur groups), but at the time it started to be made with light taste "It will be somehow" But I think that it took three years to complete the intention of "making it to the end after I started".

Initially, this work was a two-part composition of the first part and the sequel, which was scheduled to be completed in 1981 the following year when the first part was made. I participated from the sequel to divide the sequel to the first half A part and the second half B part in order to improve work efficiency, I was in charge of the B part alone from the painting story to the character deza · mecha deza · drawing and background, the A part was me We dealt with the storyboards of the first part in other members, and finishing work such as tress and coloring was done by all members.

However, it took more time to complete the finishing work than I imagined and it turned out that I could not make it in time for the school festival (place of presentation), so I abandoned the B part work halfway and I decided to complete only the A part as the middle part .

From the above flow, I have not been involved in the main part of the middle part, but since part of the cell picture of B part was also completed, I made a parody of Wednesday road show, and as a trailer of the second part It is incorporated at the end.

Originally it was a sequel B part that was supposed to be completed in 1981, but in the following year 1982 it became production as a second part for over two years. Because the deadline has been extended for 1 year, I am getting better and increasing the number of videos. Mr. K, a friend belonging to the movie circle from the middle of the civil engineering department, synchronized with the civil engineering department to cooperate in directing and photographing to improve the synchronism, sound effect and image quality of the BGM and the image. Also, as a junior of civil engineering department, one who is currently an anime director also participates in drawing.

The space station dropped to the planet dangle, a story-like settlement arrives, but I was not convinced how to end it, so I decided to schedule two people complaining at a talk shop talking at a later date in the following year (1983 ) Was added.
The movement of a pervert man in a scene of a bar scene is not aimed at an effect like the "Super Dimension Fortress Macross Episode 11" but simply because the cell and paint bottomed out. (The cut that patted Yuri 's butt was not painted on the sleeve of the man' s clothes, I could not paint it instead of painting it)

I am not good at basic moving pictures such as "Walk" and "Get up", so I ask the above-mentioned one, or I'm treating the video taken by live-action photography as a movie. In addition, Lovely Angel's flight scene creates a model of about 1 m and draws it deformed so that a huge feeling comes out based on the close-up photograph. (Only two cuts of fixed viewpoint)

Although it is a work created by trial and error, although the number of the front and the middle cell scenes was about 500 each, the second part exceeded 2,000, and the president and the accounting were over-budgeted and angered, Internal evaluation was never a good thing. In addition, although this work was screened (free of course) at the school festival, since there are over 40 minutes there are also people who stand up at the end of the first part and there are few people other than the inside of the family who will see the second part did.

It is 8 mm cell animation created 35 years ago, but I reviewed the time that technology was made lazy while being childish but this time I announced it in this way.
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Re: 1982 Dirty Pair uni student fan animation

Post by usamimi » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:04 am

:shock: wow!! This is such a cool find! Thank you so much for posting it! Old school fan animation sure was a labor of love...so much hard work went into these types of projects, and reading the description this one sounds no different! It's interesting to think how Kei & Yuri would have looked if the official anime had used the Yaz designs like they did here. For a fan project this doesn't look too bad! It's cool someone went to all the trouble of saving that 35 mm film & digitizing it to upload...man, that must've been time consuming!!

I wish we could see more fan animation from that era. I bet some cool ones were getting made since there were definitely enough hardcore Otaku out there to try it! :lol:
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Re: 1982 Dirty Pair uni student fan animation

Post by llj » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:08 am

The explosions actually look really good! I can't quite make out the entire meaning of the translated notes, but he mentions that one of the staff is now working in anime? I'm not surprised. In fact, looking at this, I would have thought there were probably future pros working on it, much the same as when I look at Daicon III.

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Re: 1982 Dirty Pair uni student fan animation

Post by karageko » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:47 pm

Funnily enough the day this was posted here, I had just shown Dirty Pair Project Eden to a friend so that's somewhat of a pleasant coincidence :P . It would be really cool if more of these 80s college clubs uploaded their work to YouTube; we all know the story of Gainax but after watching this 18 minute short I wonder how many more unshared fan creations there might be.

The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair (Part 3), created in 1982.

This work was created between 1980 and 1982 by the Nihon University College of Science and Technology Manga Research Club. This is the 3rd part of our cel animated "The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair"

Part 1 (1980), 11 mins, 8mm, Fuji Color RT200
Part 2 (1981), 14 mins, 8mm, Fuji Color RT200
Part 3 (1982), 18 mins, 8mm, Fuji Color R25, Photography ZC1000. (Addition made in 1983)
Apparently the club that did this had created 3 parts, 11mins, 14mins, and 18mins. It's a shame that this person didn't upload the first two parts as well!

Our club (of about 10 amateurs) being able to create a cel animated work of over 40 minutes is something that if I think about it now I would have never expected, but at the time I thought "we'll figure something out" and started working on it as a casual endeavor. I think we stubbornly finished it over three years thinking "we started it so let's finish it".
Man this looks pretty cool for a fan endeavor so it is shocking to me that this wasn't something done with great zeal since the beginning. Perhaps this would reflect more in parts 1 and 2 if they were ever uploaded?

Skipping down later in the description,

When this work was screened at the school festival (free of course), since the whole thing was over 40 minutes after Part 1 finished people got up and left, and besides family there were just about no people that watched until the end of Part 3.
llj wrote:I can't quite make out the entire meaning of the translated notes, but he mentions that one of the staff is now working in anime? I'm not surprised.

In that same Civil Engineering department, one of the underclassmen is now an anime director and participates in sakuga creation.
There's no clear name attribution here as far as I can tell.

I also couldn't find anything online about the aforementioned "Mr. K" (credited in the end of the short as 工藤哲秀 which I think is read as Kudou Tetsuhide?) as far as professional anime credits.

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Re: 1982 Dirty Pair uni student fan animation

Post by PinkAppleJam » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:05 am

Glad you all found it interesting, I was so surprised to find it! I guess all names are pseudonyms, like the VAs for Kei and Yuri are literally credited as Ako and Bko?

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Re: 1982 Dirty Pair uni student fan animation

Post by Char Aznable » Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:40 pm

This is absolutely incredible, especially considering how much more difficult and time consuming it was to do animation back then. I love the character designs too. Really great find and extremely impressive.

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