Your memories of anime theatrical release?

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Re: Your memories of anime theatrical release?

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I wanna say that Wings Of Honneamise release was Manga Entertainment getting a 35mm print struck and distributing it to art-house and rep cinemas. It screened in Va Beach the weekend of the first Katsucon, and we did ditch the convention to see it, and I think the Atlanta screening was on the same run. The anime club didn't have anything to do with it showing up in town - Akira was really successful screening in those kinds of houses, and I think the distributors knew they could get a certain amount of ticket sales from anything that was in that category - Wicked City, Ghost In The Shell, Robot Carnival, etc.

I don't know who actually handled the distribution on those 90s releases, that'd be a good Carl Horn question, I think. I'm always intrigued by that end of the business, the actual booking and shipping of film prints. These days it's a lot easier to get these things in theaters, what with digital files and all.

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Re: Your memories of anime theatrical release?

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Pretty sure my first theatrical anime was the fox dub of Totoro, so...1993? ish? lol.
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