Lensmen Licensing Issues (according to TSHS)

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Lensmen Licensing Issues (according to TSHS)

Post by DKop »

There was a recent blog entry posted up at Skaro Hunting Society webpage, and one user went into detail on the licensing circus that is the Lensmen series. This really involves if and when we may ever get any distributed rights to Lensmen in the states again regarding the TV and movie anime. This is a really good write up that fills in those gaps the best they can, and they made a mention at the end to Dave Lensmen entry he did a couple of years back on Lets Anime. They're hoping the Lensmen series will go into public domain by August 31, 2040, but in 21 years, who knows what'll happen.

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Re: Lensmen Licensing Issues (according to TSHS)

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Thank you - that adds details into the story that I had not been familiar with. Two anecdotes that I would add would be that Japan has had an appreciation for other works (such as the Skylark of Space series). I read somewhere that one cosplay had a person in a nondescript pilot uniform, but as they carried a tube that was recognized as copper, that was enough for people to start murmuring "Seaton" and "Skylark". I also read somewhere that the people working on the Eternity comic were aware of the original stories and had planned on moving the story closer to the books, but were ceased and desisted that they could not touch anything from the books that had not already been mentioned in the anime version.

I just thought that I would pass those along.

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