My summer plans...

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My summer plans...

Post by runesaint »

While still doing some work from home, I have enough set up to spend more time on other things. I happened to notice that my 'anime' folder has no fewer than 4,965 files/episodes in it, many I have never seen. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have issues that tend to trip me up over actually watching any of my shows, even for dvds I have had over 20 years -_-;
While it may mean nothing to people here, I will probably be able to get thru things better if I record them. (I have noticed that I read a lot more now that I keep track of my reading in 'Goodreads' for example).
I pondered where to start, at one point thinking to go thru chronologically.. then I happened to see a folder by itself, and decided to start with 'Mysterious Cities of Gold' as the show I have put off watching the longest. I watched it on Nickelodeon waaaay back when, but always missed certain episodes as it cycled thru the season. As this show has been on my 'to do' list since I first saw it around 1986, it seemed a good place to start. 4 episodes in so far and enjoying it. I hope to keep updating this just to keep pushing myself along.

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Re: My summer plans...

Post by DKop »

I have a DVD backlog about that long with things I've owned for almost that long, same with material on my external HD. Farscape is my evening show before I fall asleep for right now, then I need to get back into finishing Twin Peaks. Anime should be in that at some point.

I got little projects to work on, even some panels that i'll go ahead and submit to AWA just on the side that the con may still happen.

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Re: My summer plans...

Post by Kame-Sen'nin »

I've never watched Mysterious Cities of Gold, but it does look interesting. Also, that theme song is FANTASTIC.

I like this thread idea...I have a lot of plans at the moment, but it's probably a good idea to write them down and keep track of them!

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Re: My summer plans...

Post by Drew_Sutton »

Yeah, I have quite the backlog and always bouncing around here or there. I do find that some way of tracking (I use MyAnimeList) per episode watching of series helps keep track, especially if it is not on a streaming platform. Mostly because I often will start something, watch a few episodes, start something else and never come back to the first thing after quite some time :lol:

Mysterious Cities of Gold has been one of those titles I've heard a lot of good things about but since we didn't have cable until the early 1990s, we missed they part of the heyday of Nickelodeon.

I wish I could watch new (to me) anime while I was working. I often have to focus too much on my work that anime is hard for me to watch new-to-me. Usually if I am watching anime while I work, it's something I've seen six dozen times.
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