What are you Watching?

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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by DKop »

I decided to watch the first episode of Bakuon!! for this spring anime season. I haven't willingly wanted to watch an anime in its current season since I watched Stella Womens Academy back in the summer anime season of 2013.

It's... about what I can expect. It's pretty darned moe, and im gonna stick with it since its about motorcycles. That was the reason why I stayed with with Stella Womens Academy because the gimmick of that show was airsoft, which was a sport I played and still kinda do to this day. Motorcycles is the gimmick that drew me into hearing about it last year, so ive been kinda wanting to check it out, since I like motorcycles.

It's only one episode, and maybe the show will establish itself better by episode 6 or so, so i'm not gonna write it off yet. From what I can gather on MyAnimeList, its standing at a 6.54 on the ratings, so im not sure if its because the anime crowd doesn't like it because its supposed to be about motorcycles, or it's the worst show this season based off one episode? Who freaking knows with current anime fans today, so im not worried.

I did a mini review of it for my blog: https://kanazawamechalords.wordpress.co ... -1-review/

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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by yusaku »

I just watched the first episode using my crunchy roll subscription, and I did like it. Unfortunately, crunchy roll has only one episode and another becoming available it two days. Funimation did the same crap all the time. I wanted to do a Slayers marathon and they have a three dubbed episodes the rest will be subtitled. I must admit crunchy roll has all of Bleach, Deathnote, and many other titles. Yet, no Panty, Stocking, or Garterbelt. I digress.

I enjoyed your podcast Dkop! Keep that up! Your description was accurate; it made want to go watch the anime. Nice job.

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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by Animusubi »

llj wrote:Only Yesterday usually comes off pretty lightweight on first viewings. But I find it a moving, heartbreaking film on subsequent viewings. The thing is, on repeat viewings you really start to see how *lost* adult Taeko really is. And anyone who's ever felt that they've probably taken the wrong life path can relate to Taeko, so it's something that speaks louder as you get older.

Another thing is that her memories aren't just random. Look closely and you see a lot of them are vignettes of her repeatedly getting shot down by family and friends for expressing a different opinion, actually thinking for herself, or just being different. That completely colors the film in a different way than just looking at them as "a bunch of random memories".

When I first saw Only Yesterday, I was 19 and I thought it was only okay. I mean, I had my whole life ahead of me, so I had no regrets. I couldn't relate to Taeko other than her childhood memories (which I understand are what most audiences respond best to). But as I got older, experienced a few failures of my own, finished college, and changed my mind several times about what I wanted to do with my life, I started to see what Only Yesterday was REALLY about on subsequent viewings. It went from middle of the pack Ghibli to top 5 Ghibli. It may even be my favorite Ghibli now. Very few films get better as I get older, become deeper as I re-watch them.
Yeah I definitely want to watch it several times. I don't trust just my first viewing. What added to a somewhat mediocre experience, having nothing to do with the movie itself, was that the people running the theater that night were not as good as they usually are (and not the usual suspects either). The mom&pop theater usually has awesome people running it who love film, and we have such a great experience. Towards the end when Taeko decides to go back, they shut the film off already and it really sort of ruined the experience further than it did (stale popcorn, not very personable, ready to leave asap as the movie ends, etc). I'm gonna try and see it before it leaves the theater a second time, maybe dubbed to see how that goes. It's one of those films I definitely feel needs more reflection.
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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by Daniel »

Finally finished GeGeGe No Kitarou (70's). Took me long enough. Now wanting to make a run through Kamen No Ninja Akakage. I must've tried to start watching this series 3 or 4 times by now, but other things get in the way making me drop it. Love what I've seen of it so far though. 5th time's a charm?

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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by greg »

I've started watching Kan Colle with my daughter. It's a real WTF show, especially without subtitles. Junior high (and I suppose senior high?) girls are tasked with defending the ocean from fish monsters and their weird half-naked commander. The girls are representatives of Japanese battleships and carriers from WWII, and they skate around on the water's surface destroying the shark-like thingies. Weird. The main character is Fubuki, a stereotypical clumsy girl who lacks self-confidence and is a representation of the Japanese destroyer Fubuki. It's weird. Kan Colle, short for Kantai (fleet) Collection, is apparently an SRPG video game that was made into an anime. Just check your brain at the door if you try to watch this. I consumed plenty of vodka while watching this. I'm counting this as homework since it's job related, and one of the guys lent me all six volumes to watch. My daughter seems to like it and she gets a kick out of the half-nekkid girls-in-the-bath scenes. It seems stupid, but not completely stupid. I figure I should introduce myself to this show since it relates to work.
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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by usamimi »

The new season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure started & I keep feeling more & more impressed with each episode. The animation in this season is beautiful (a huge difference if you go back to the first season lol) & the direction is fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing how they're going to animate certain parts, but so far everything's looking great.

The new season of Sailor Moon Crystal is also surprisingly good so far! Lol I know a ton of people dropped it after all the animation/production problems the first 2 parts had, but it seems like now that Toei hired a new staff, they're actually making a good show! (Lol imagine that!!) The new character designs look a little more Precure-ish, but they dropped the 3d animated transformations & the Outer Senshi are introduced now, so it's a major improvement.
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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by ParaParaJMo »

Old titles
Legend of Galactic Heroes
Kaiketsu Zorro
City Hunter

Newer titles
Dragon Ball Super
Sailor Moon Crystal
Gyakuten Saiban
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure story arc 4
Gundam Thunderbolt
Gundam RE 0096

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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by labsenpai »

Finally took a look at When Marnie Was There, on a BD rental. Overall I think it showed directorial improvement over Arietty. From the movie's pacing I'm guessing the book might be like the other "orphan girl" story, Anne of Green Gables. Both feature pastoral moments suddenly changing in the next scene to some sort of madcap or sorrowful emergency. The young heroine's trip needed more mystery and less sulking. Regardless, I'm not sure even a 20 year veteran of the Studio could learn all Miyazaki's secrets. If you watch the Ghibli documentary (Kingdom of Dreams and Madness), you can see how reticent, even cryptic, the old artist is.

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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by DKop »

I watched all 6 episodes of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace on youtube. Man, that is a fantastic show. Its a show by an author that "Has written more books than he has read," and decided to make a medical horror 80's show that got canned after 6 episodes. There is even points in the show where it cuts to the producer and actors talking about their roles in the show, which is just them complimenting how great they are (or how they believe they might be). I have seen people online talk about this show from time to time but I never sat down and watched it till I decided on a whim to check it out. It was totally worth my time.

Oh yea, Capt. Merikha Civil's War was pretty good film, you should check that out.

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Re: What are you Watching?

Post by Drew_Sutton »

Last night I had a few hours to myself and was exhausted from the week, so I decided to check out Sailor Moon Crystal: Season III, partially because one of my co-workers was talking about it and partially because it is the re-make of Sailormoon S, which is my all-time favorite Sailormoon series. I started the Crystal series shortly after it began broadcasting/netcasting and wasn't thrilled with the story pacing (much closer to the manga) as well as the other common complaints about the animation style and quality. I stuck it out for a few episodes but never got around to coming back to it. Looking for something that I didn't necessarily care to get super attached to, so I fired up a couple of episodes. I am liking this much better; animation is cleaned up a bit and it was easy to get into the style difference from the original TV series. I will probably try to keep up more with this series and am planning to go back and watch the 'R' version of the first Crystal series (and will probably skip around through the first part of Crystal).

Also want to try and check out more of the latest Gundam shows: Iron Blooded Orphans, Thunderbolt, and The Origin. Absolutely loved The Origin episode 1 - feels like it was made for Gundam fans like me that are disappointed with the franchises' offerings from 2000 onward (for the most part). The bits I've seen of both IBO and Thunderbolt were very interesting, too. And now that Macross Delta is out, I have the first episode or so queued up and gonna give that a shot with terribly low expectations.
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