Especially but not limited to pre-2000 titles
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Logo done by Ashtar@animemuck, circa 1996

Anyone ever used it? What was it like back in the day?

I fooled around using guest accounts on LambdaMOO as a kid, but never did any MUCKing... looks like it's still running, though.
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Re: AnimeMUCK

Post by Drew_Sutton »

Funny, I am familiar with the term 'muck' from old 90s URLs I used to visit but I actually had to look up what exactly a MUCK is. Wikipedia was helpful but I'd like to see another resource that better describes the gameplay. Needless to say, I wasn't into MUCKs (or MUDs, either) - most of my anime role playing was done on mailing lists, bulletin boards/forums and chat like AIM and ICQ.
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