Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

Especially but not limited to pre-2000 titles
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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

Post by runesaint »

Square is doing a bunch of stuff for the 30th Anniversary of Final Fantasy... amongst others...
PS4 Release of a 1-disk game containing FF1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10. With new updates of 2 and 3 with better (?) translations. (Note, some versions say that it is just 1-9. In either case, and despite already owning most of them in one form or another I will probably obtain this).

PS4 and PC release of FF12 - Zodiac edition

Release of "Disk 1" of the FF7 remake.

Also, a lot of the games are half price on various places (apps, steam, Playstation online, square online, etc)

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Re: Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

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Yea, you could fit all the Famicom/SuperFamicom/Playstation releases on one disk to play. I mean is the PS4 games on a larger space Bluray disk than the PS3?

I will pick up that Final Fantasy 7 remake, I just gotta get a PS4 sometime. I really hope square releases these titles on PC since that's what i've been using, but I think most of the final fantasy game have been released through Steam. If the remake comes out on PC then I might just stick with that. I still got my Final Fatantasy Chronicles and Anthology (and I believe Origins??) on Playstation in storage at the moment, so I have ways to play those games.

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