What are you Playing?

Especially but not limited to pre-2000 titles
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Re: What are you Playing?

Post by Moonsaber »

I mostly play Mechwarrior Online, the most recent version of the classic Mechwarrior 2 look, and the latest Battletech which is a lot like the classic original Mechwarrior. Both are updated, but the heart and soul is there. Good news! The "Unseen" are returning from Harmony Gold limbo.

I'm not into the old school games as much, but love new games that continue the old school franchises. Like a Macross fan, I love my mecha.
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Re: What are you Playing?

Post by usamimi »

I finally stared playing Bloodstained ritual of the night a while back once our KS copy for PS4 came in the mail. I'm enjoying it a lot so far! Tough but not impossible, good voice acting, visuals are pretty cool. I've played several hours and I've barely done a chunk of the castle map, so I expect to get a lot of game play out of it.
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Re: What are you Playing?

Post by llj »

For some reason I've been on this big Vita kick the past few months. Granted, I finally just got it earlier this year now that it's all but dead, but it's so convenient and has so many neat features and portability for someone who's more on the go. I've already got like 20 games downloaded onto my memory card
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