Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes

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Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes

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Even though it is short, it has great replay value. It is a prologue/preview of the real deal, The Phantom Pain. It is more influenced by the peace walker system but much more free. The AI is pretty frightening and the content, especially when you listen to tapes 4 of 7 from Chico, are ultimately disturbing. Never have I wanted to kill an enemy more than Skullface with the sick stuff he does to Chico and Paz.

But I am sad that you can't hide enemies in lockers nor are there any cardboard boxes or the barrel to hide in. Outside the prison, there is a trash compactor but you can't hide in it like in MGS4. But I do like the new system of carrying people as opposed to the old way where it was much draggier and slower. I remember in MGS2 you deal with Marines in the tanker and you can't kill them. While in Ground Zeroes, there is no punishment for taking out any of the Marines lol.

Story wise, it feels more like an Epilogue to Peace Walker and a very fine one at that. I just wish they had more development with Paz since she has become one of my favorite characters.

Also, if you have a smartphone and/or tablet, I strongly recommend getting the iDroid app. It adds a lot more fun to the experience for me personally. This is a must play for fans of Metal Gear

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