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harmagedon outta here

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I got so caught up in the post-Christmas rush that I forgot to mention this here, that I finished the last Let's Anime for 2018, all about Genma Taisen / Harmagedon, the Rintaro film produced by Haruki Kadokawa and with character designs by Katsuhiro Otomo. The film works as a bridge between the overstuffed anime epics of the early 80s and the darker, more grounded animation that would follow, also exuding a bit of that 1980s New Age vibration that was all over the place back then. It's also a film that looks great, has serious pacing issues, occasionally gets bogged down trying to plow through several novels worth of story, and has a few subplots that are genuine puzzlements for modern Western audiences, which is where I saw this thing, a screening that inspired the article to begin with.

http://letsanime.blogspot.com/2018/12/h ... -here.html
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