CLAMP (Adaptations) Appreciation Thread

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CLAMP (Adaptations) Appreciation Thread

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despite being a fan Rin Taro's X 1999 The Movie ever since it made its way to a US dvd release, I've been negligent on other CLAMP adaptations due to their incompleteness or reviews. Recently did a partial retrospect on a handful of titles that particularly interest me:

RG Veda:
I really loved the first OVA to this, but the second was all set-up for future confrontations without any pay-off--basically the epitome of a tease. Overall, at face value, the gloomy and tragic elements hinge on the the classical epics of old and, while the artistry isn't flawless, this adaptation brings something visually ubiquitous to dark fantasy anime. I very much want a continuation but by the same team that did this, not some new team that will cut corners on what makes the aesthetics singular: those heavy black lines, and subdued colors.

Tokyo Babylon:
Going in knowing that this was a prequel / side story to the manga, I was expecting more open endedness to this 2 part OVA but was pleasantly surprised to get 2 self contained stories. The most important element that also enhances X 1999 imo the mythological explanation of the recurring cherry blossom motif: the petals, being naturally white, have been pinkened by the blood of ancient warriors once buried at their roots. Again great visual mood-pieces, even if the stories are nothing special.

X 1999 The Movie:
No one does destructing porn like Rin Taro. He had plenty of practice leading up to this point in his career, but X 1999 remains his opus and arguably the best adaptation of a CLAMP IP. This is an art film with genre flourishes first and foremost, and it moves like a fever dream of teen angst, violence, prophecy. A true marvel of animation- the heavy black lines, brilliant color choices, technical designs, and fluid movements bring this urban occult yarn unto a precipice of spectacle and symbolism that illicit more than just the visceral emotions mixing with blood spurts of its many excellently staged battles.

Magic Knight Rayearth (OVA):
I know there's a series that might flesh this story out a bit more, but honestly I prefer the hypercondensed, no-time-for-filler, format of an OVA any day over a 1-2 cor series. Rayearth comes with all the trappings and mesmerizing sulkiness of the aforementioned titles but additionally brings a few "cutesy" elements (such as the fairy/companion) that I personally could have done without. It's an ok watch, reminded me of Zeorymer but not as fun. I like the mood and the kaiju designs although the battles are a little stiff in places. I still enjoyed it for the most part.

other CLAMP adaptations including xxxaholic (dislike the brighter colors and the use of thinner black lines) won't appeal to me for various reasons but I'd like to hear what anyone else might have to say on these and the others I haven't mentioned.
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