The "Check this item out on eBay" Thread

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Re: The "Check this item out on eBay" Thread

Post by Drew_Sutton »

usamimi wrote: Sat Sep 10, 2022 10:02 am YEAH the anime VHS market is kinda nuts right now. Even more nuts is the vintage anime T-shirt market--I've seen some people trying to sell old anime shirts for $1,000?!? If people are actually paying that much for them, I regret getting rid of some of my old t-shirts back in the day, lmao.
Yeah, I lament getting rid of some of my shirts, too but more because I would want to wear them again but yeah, someone handing over 1K is tempting.

I have no idea where it's coming from - tapes or t-shirts. Are folks actually completing a sale at these prices? It's one thing to drop an ad for $700 of tapes or a thousand dollar t-shirt and just have that ad languish as we all have a laugh at it. But is someone actually buying these things at the listed price?
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Re: The "Check this item out on eBay" Thread

Post by usamimi »

I've seen some people actually buying non-rare anime on VHS for really marked up prices on instagram--it seems like places like instagram, Depop, and other "boutique" places are driving these kinds of prices, and they're slowly trickling into ebay and etsy, too. It seems mostly younger collectors who are fascinated by dead media and ~aesthetic~ rather than older fans like us. Still, the ripple effect is showing, as it's driving up prices everywhere now. :|
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Re: The "Check this item out on eBay" Thread

Post by davemerrill »

I still see anime VHS for $1 in the thrifts on occasion -and then I see it in the antique malls for $10. I guess seeing it on Depop or Instagram for $100 is the natural progression of such things. Give it a few years and the fashion victims buying these items as decorations in their hipster pads will start liquidating for pennies on the dollar, when times get tough or when somebody gets evicted because they spent all their rent money on $500 vintage anime t-shirts.
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