The old-school anime DVD/BD news thread.

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Re: The old-school anime DVD/BD news thread.

Post by usamimi »

I'm sure folks already heard by now, but just in case, here's some of what Discotek announced on their last streaming panel! ... tream-last
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Re: The old-school anime DVD/BD news thread.

Post by davemerrill »

It's not really surprising they'd announced the Aim For The Ace movie, but it's still wonderful to hear. That movie is just about perfect. You know how sometimes you're watching a movie and you think to yourself "it would be exactly right for the movie to end right at this moment, the credits need to start rolling right now for everything to flow together perfectly"? Well, the Aim For The Ace movie is like that. For me, anyways.
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Re: The old-school anime DVD/BD news thread.

Post by Drew_Sutton »

I'm excited for the second set of Kodocha being released. I fell in love with that show in the fansub days and I grabbed only the first couple of single DVDs when FUNimation released them in the early/mid 2000s - I thought the show ended up getting dropped due to poor sales (due to rights edits) and always thought the second half was never released in North America but ANN tells me I'm wrong. The first set is in the post on its way to me but will be sure to order the second set here in a bit so I don't miss out again.

Gonna have to mull over that Amnesia BD, too - I watched it for the first time a couple of months ago but will probably need to watch it one more time to see if I like it enough to drop cash on a physical print of it.
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Re: The old-school anime DVD/BD news thread.

Post by llj »

I wonder why it took so long for Re: Cutey Honey to be released here. I mean, Anno directing Cutey Honey always seemed like an obvious get. Must have been entangled in rights issues for a long time, I guess.
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Re: The old-school anime DVD/BD news thread.

Post by whitesnake »

Discotek Media is going to release the last of the giant robot anime series that I really wanted. Blue Comet SPT Layzner will be released on Blu-ray December 26, 2023.
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