What are you Reading?

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Re: What are you Reading?


I've been so busy I haven't been able to read much lately, but I did sit down to resume a series I'd unfortunately forgotten the place of: Tsuki no Ko by Shimizu Reiko, a fantastical scifi epic that involves fish, princesses, gender swapping, Chernobyl, and the end of the world?! Well, I somehow lost my place so I'll simply go back to the start. It's a really charming work that caters directly to me. Anything with scifi AND fairytale elements is a sure winner. That being said, I've noticed that Shimizu has a certain way of writing....That is....she goes all in....She has so many ideas you begin to notice how much the work changes as time goes on and it's sort of messy, but I still commend it. I find she works much better with episodic works like Himitsu: The Top Secret as she can explore as many ideas as she wants through isolated cases without compromising the story flow. Regardless, she's a fantastically talented artist who has such a wonderful ethereal quality to her work. She makes me think of the greats in the 70's. I reall wanna grab a copy... But Tsuki no Ko has been out of print forever so the volumes are ridiculously expensive OTL
I would suggest her work to anybody who wants something wildly creative (not necessarily clean lol!). If you like psychological crime stories, Himitsu is as good as they get.
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Re: What are you Reading?

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EVOL by Atsushi Kaneko. It rocks.
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Re: What are you Reading?

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Eden: It's an Endless World and Be-Bop HIghschool currently.
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