The lonely wail of unfinished models...

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The lonely wail of unfinished models...

Post by gaijinguy »

I have a Gunpla from the recent Witch Gundam series that is waiting impatiently for me to detail it and put it together with its companion that my wife already finished months ago... Also on my shelf are unfinished episode 7 Millenium Falcon, and not even started Eva 01, a Yamato, a Tetsujin 28, a Machinen-Krieger (amazing series of models), a Macross Destroid Spartan, and a little rocket from Ultraman.
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Re: The lonely wail of unfinished models...

Post by Drew_Sutton »

There are two facets of the model building hobby - those who complete models and those who buy models. Everyone in the second group tries to be a member of the first group but more often wind up with their own stashes of un-built or half-built models.

I've got a corner of my attic carved out for my stash of model kits, paints and other supplies. My paint queue is backed up because I can never find time to touch up the kit at the head of the queue and then I have to color correct my Sega Saturn model kit. I've been trying to get through some Gundam models to get that de-stressing effect (especially since work has been very stressful lately) but they wind up needing time in the paint booth to spray coat them for panel lining and finishing.

The loudest wail I have in the back of my mind now though are either my anticipated watch-and-build with Martian Successor Nadesico OR trying out brand new paints and techniques on some model kit figures.
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