They Were Eleven query

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They Were Eleven query

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As previously discussed here ( viewtopic.php?p=18163&hilit=eleven#p18163 ) around April of 2021 'They Were Eleven' was licensed (both the original which I have and the sequel). As I mentioned here ( viewtopic.php?p=19066&hilit=eleven#p19066 ) I pre-ordered it immediately and every few months I get an e-mail from Amazon noting the release date has changed (most recently from June 2024 to November of 2024).

When I get those e-mails, I do google searches to see if anyone has any information, but usually I can only see stuff on the video adaption, people talking about how Four Shoujo Stories was never supposed to exist, and that it will come out 'eventually'.
I thought I might ask if anyone here knows what the delay is or could hypothesize ...

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Re: They Were Eleven query

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The best way to get updates is to follow Denpa (the publisher) on Twitter. They've periodically given updates and/or answered questions about it. In their latest update about it, they said that it's ready to get printed now, so the books should come out sometime next year. (Keep in mind, Denpa is an extremely small publisher, with a staff of less than 10 people!) I'm assuming it took a while to get the translation approved (Moto Hagio is very picky about her work, so I hear), and that probably made the lettering process take longer.
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