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Ani-Mayhem CCG

Post by mbanu »

The 1996 collectible card game. (^_^)

It looks like there are still fans out there:
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Re: Ani-Mayhem CCG

Post by runesaint »

Another trip down nostalgia road ^_^ I remember someone giving me a huge collection of those at one point. Alas, each time I move my physical belongings grow smaller and distributed. I have allowed myself to keep 2 card game collections and a portion of another game; all 3 games are long since defunct, so I don't need to worry about spending more money on them...

Tangential topic, anyone else keep cards from 'Dead' Collectible card games?
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Re: Ani-Mayhem CCG

Post by DKop »

It might be considered Dead in America but Weib Schwarz is another anime themed card game that depending on where you are, some comic book/game stores either carry it or don't. I think when Bandai went under, there went the publicity to try and get Weib Schwarz out there to compete with Cardfight Vanguard and well... Magic: The Damn Gathering. The only con I know that holds tournaments for Weib Schwarz is Animazement, which might be one of the few places that the game has a decent amount of people to keep playing it.

My last deck I bought was at an animate store in Kanazawa Japan in 2014 of the Kill la Kill deck. So far all of my decks are in a box in storage titled "Card Games".
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Re: Ani-Mayhem CCG

Post by usamimi »

I still have some cards in a binder in my closet! XD I never had anyone to play with, but I bought the cards because I thought the notion of an anime themed card game was SO COOL to me back in the day, lol.
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Re: Ani-Mayhem CCG

Post by Drew_Sutton »

I remember these, too! I never played because between actual anime and all my friends playing Magic: The Gathering, there wasn't a whole left from the allowance budget to pick up another CCG.
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