Younger fan with theoretical 80s nostalgia

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Re: Younger fan with theoretical 80s nostalgia

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Ahh welcome welcome! You're in the right place! Hallo from Cambridge UK! :)
I am very wary when approaching anime fans (and fans of a fandom in general TBH) nowadays, but weirdly as it's so much more accessible, there's far more chance of meeting a less scary, overbearing type of fan. Casuals and superold diehards are the best :) <3
Thanks for posting your cels everyone, they're gorgeous!!
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Re: Younger fan with theoretical 80s nostalgia

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karageko wrote:
It's at the point where if I'm talking to people (in person) around my age, and I don't know them that well, and they reveal they're into anime I usually don't even bring up my anime interest anymore because every time it's almost always gone something like this:
Them: You like anime too?!? Do you know X, Y, and Z?
Me: Yeah I know about them but only by name and that those titles are popular but nothing else.
Them: Oh, what do you like then?
Me: I'm particularly interested in anime from the 80s these days
Them: Oh...
*awkward silence*
Even as a 30-something year old, I had a conversation with an old high school friend the same age, and we were discussing anime, and he asked me what my favorite anime was. I said Ranma 1/2 and he paused and then said "wow that's old". And proceeded to show me his Attack on Titan shirt under his hoodie...LOL So I know the feeling all too well. I am also really glad we broadened to include others who didn't necessarily grow up with older anime, that are getting into it now, because I think it's so important to have a place to discuss it and get further into it.
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Re: Younger fan with theoretical 80s nostalgia

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Hi Dawn do you think you could edit my original post and replace the quoted text with a link to my anime origin story entry on the site itself? (I sent a PM last November but I'm not sure if it just got lost somewhere).

The link to my entry is here:

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Re: Younger fan with theoretical 80s nostalgia

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Sure, no prob!
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