Rumiko Takahashi to start new manga Spring 2019

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Re: Rumiko Takahashi to start new manga Spring 2019

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I would also like to add, in addition to my above post, that despite Rumiko Takahashi being one of the most purely commercially driven manga artists in Japan, she also happens to still be, on a purely technical level, one of the greatest comic artists in the world. You are never "lost" while reading a Takahashi layout, her drawings are super crispy and clear, and panels flow logically from one to another. I feel like any budding comic artist really could learn a lot from how she lays out her pages, and how easy it is to see what's going on in every panel. This is something I feel a lot of mangaka out there lack: visual coherence. With Takahashi, anyone in the world can read her manga and understand exactly what's going on visually, even if you can't read Japanese. That's the mark of a truly good comic artist.
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