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Re: Paper or Electric?

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 8:29 am
by DKop
Drew_Sutton wrote: Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:45 am
NorthernKaleCity wrote:So, think of it this way, now that it's 2019. Do you go out and buy the CD of your favorite band, only to take it home and listen to on your Discman, then put it on the shelf?
I have done that, yes; not this year anyway. I have done this recently though - and those CDs have been listened to on CD players (car stereo mostly) - but the usual order of operations is to also rip the CDs to MP3s so they can be stored on my phone. But typically, I buy digitally on Amazon Music and they give me handy MP3s already that I can back up (smug face).

I get the idea of backing up digital stuff, especially if it's expensive, and I am totally on board with that but space - physical and storage - is finite so if a digital service shuts down and I lose some cheap stuff, I'm willing to take that loss, especially since I am becoming less of a read/watch whatever multiple times.
The last CD i bought was used Super Eurobeat CD's at AWA, since it's not like I can go into a physical location and get those. There's a huge MEGA link that someone housed all of SEB up too like 247 I think if anyone wants the digital versions of that, but having physical copies of them to pop in your CD player in your vehicle is a thing I still like to do. Oh yea, there was these single Victory Gundam CD's Retro Joe's had that I got.