Another Humble Bumble (Kodansha)

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Another Humble Bumble (Kodansha)

Post by runesaint »

Lets see..
$1 gets 'Drifting Dragons' Volume 1-3
$8 adds to that 'Land of the Lustrous' Volume 1-5, 'Clockwork Planet' Volume 1-5, and 'Flying Witch' Volume 1-4
$15 adds to that 'Cells at Work!' Volume 1-4, Heaven's Design Team Vol#1-2, Fire Force#1-10, Pumpkin Scissors #1-15
$18 adds Noragami#1-6, I'm standing on a million lives #1-4, Altair - A Record of Battles #1-8
$20 adds 'That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime'#1-4, 'To Your Eternity' #1-7, Mushishi#1-10, and Battle Angel Alita#1-3

Blah, it seems a good deal, but I have enough items that I haven't read yet -_-;;;
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Re: Another Humble Bumble (Kodansha)

Post by usamimi »

Today's the last day to get this bundle, fyi! If you've never read Alita, this is a cheap way to start (and get a bunch of other good series as well!)
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