Anime North Online this weekend

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Anime North Online this weekend

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There wasn't an Anime North this year but they've spent the last month or so putting together an online version of the convention, and it's all happening this weekend starting Friday!

You can see a full schedule here - ... experience - and the thing is happening on Twitch at

I've put together three panels or events or programs or whatever it is they're being called. There's an Anime North Retrospective happening Friday at 6:30pm, a thirty minute Anime Hell at 9:30pm, and on Saturday at 8:30 there's a thing on the anime of 1980 called, surprisingly enough, Anime 1980.

Please point your browser in that direction this weekend and enjoy a weird, virtual replacement for hotel ballrooms and exhibit halls!
moe AN history slide.jpg
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moe ANIME 1980 MOE SLIDE.jpg
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MOE hell half hour.jpg
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