Harlock Question

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Harlock Question

Post by runesaint »

So, I found out that there was a 'Free Comic Book" day a week or so back and decided.. "Hey, free". And while I was there, one of the free books was... a Captain Harlock issue.
I looked, and it was -not- the 'Dimensional Voyage' that Seven Seas is putting out(edit, apparently the last book came out two years ago?), but a new one by a Jerome Alquie. Apparently six issues (and the first issue has, as near as I can tell, no fewer than THIRTEEN DIFFERENT COVERS!)

Manga/Comic wise...
there were the original ones (that Seven Seas put out as 'Classic Collection', 3 volumes long, and ended in media res).
The Robert Gibson Eternity/Malibu version of...questionable legality (-I- liked it at least)
The 'Dimensional Voyage' (that Seven Seas put out, ten volumes long..did it have an ending?)
and now this new 'Space Pirate Captain Harlock' which apparently bills itself as a '43rd episode to the 42 episode series from the 1970s...

Just seeing if I am missing anything? I had been surprised to see it, and then expected it to be the 'Dimensional Voyage' but..
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Re: Harlock Question

Post by usamimi »

Yes! This is a new comic that's been officially sanctioned by Matsumoto. (and yeah, the many variant covers kinda threw me off, but apparently in the American comics scene this is pretty common now? gotta get those fans to buy as many copies as possible, I guess).

Those should be all of the Harlock comics that are available in English, at least. And this isn't counting the manga released in Japan that's basically "Harlock, but different", like Gun Frontier & Submarine Super 99. :lol:
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