saints preserve us

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saints preserve us

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Let's go Bowling For Soup with Saint Seiya as Let's Anime (that's me) takes a look at Knights Of The Zodiac, and Saint Seiya in general! ... odiac.html
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Re: saints preserve us

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Thank you for this, I am also saddened to hear that Pat Munson-Siter has passed, and... it -does- exist! I -had- a copy of that Saint Seiya RPG, but it disappeared after a flood and I have been looking for it on and off over the last few decades trying to get a copy and was unable to find anyone else to confirm that it ever existed @.@
I do have some of Patricia Munson-Siter's sourcebooks (both for Seiya, Tekkaman Blade, and some others) as well as some of her art.

... Thank you for writing this.
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