NYE 2023 Anime Hell Streaming Show

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NYE 2023 Anime Hell Streaming Show

Post by davemerrill »

I'm doing another end-of-year 3-hour New Years Eve Anime Hell streaming show this Dec. 31! The show starts at 10pm ET, so there's plenty of time to have dinner somewhere and ditch whatever party you grudgingly committed yourself to in favor of shorts, funny commercials, weird clips, fan-made films, trailers, and other assorted bits of whatever that make up what's become the most talked-about anime-themed streaming clip show to ever air on New Year's Eve! It's all happening at twitch.tv/terebifunhouse !

I jokingly say that we're doing this show so that we have an excuse to not go out, but NYE is always kind of a troublesome night - it's amateur night for all the people who don't know how to handle their liquor, there's a lot of stress and expectation on the part of people throwing parties and people attending parties, because it's NYE and therefore whatever event happens has to be OFF THE HOOK - and that's too much pressure to put on something that happens when people are already exhausted from Christmas. There are crowds at the bars and in the public spaces, there are honking cars and shrill noisemakers and people shooting off fireworks whether it's legal or not. I'm happy to avoid it all, to stay home and stream this thing and look at the comments in the chat. I'll be social the rest of the year. See you there!
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Re: NYE 2023 Anime Hell Streaming Show

Post by gaijinguy »

Have a good one! I'll try to peek in now and then between New Year's day obligations.
10pm EST means from noon here in the future.
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