The old-school anime DVD/BD news thread.

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Re: The old-school anime DVD/BD news thread.

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llj wrote: Thu May 05, 2022 5:12 am A lot of long older shows are a big time commitment. I usually buy them and stash them because many of the old anime I want tend to go OOP quickly, never to be reprinted again. Sentai's Ideon is one example--I'm glad I bought it just when Amazon was dropping the price for it, before it went out of print. You just can't assume they will be in print forever. Fortunately, Discotek is better at keeping most of their titles in print.
I kick myself for not getting Ideon when I did, and now look at the prices are for that series. However I'm glad I got Golgo 13 and Xabungle on bluray, which are two more that are starting to skyrocket in price.
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Re: The old-school anime DVD/BD news thread.

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Considering I've had a 'to-watch' pile of stuff going back to the tape days, I try not to let the OOP discs get me down. I think though the only discs I've seen any issues with in my collection were some of my Kimagure Orange Road DVDs that I got when those went out of print back in like 2006/7/8 and I was luckily able to get them replaced.
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