Hello. I really miss bulletin boards.

Tell the old school world who you are, and let us welcome you into the forum!
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Hello. I really miss bulletin boards.

Post by Prog-Knife »

Been peeking on this site for probably a year or so, but I didn't sign up for whatever reason. I wish it was a little more active, but it's cool it's still surviving. There are not many places on the internet to talk about retro anime with people that isn't like the comments of a YouTube video (sometimes), or on Twitter, or something. The r/RetroAnime subreddit's pretty slow (and Reddit in general is probably the cause of the decimation of proper, better internet forums). MyAnimeLIst has an Old School Anime Club that's not bad, but again, fairly inactive. Twitter has a bit of retro-anime action, but Twitter's not really a proper forum with a timeline that's constantly consuming the old posts and so forth. I recognize some of the posters here are the retro-anime users on Twitter though, so that's cool.

I've stalled out a little on watching anime the past two-ish years -- the state of the world and all that. But I've been watching very random OVAs and stuff like "The★Fire G-Men" and "Denshinbashira Elemi no Koi" at least. I started Gasaraki like two years ago and still haven't gotten back to it haha. I know I should really say '85-'95 are my favourite years for anime, but I really enjoy the super-deformed character styles from '95-'05. My interest wanes pretty heavily after that and I find myself checking out mostly anime films and barely any of the series made these days.

I hope I wasn't too negative! I tried to keep it short because I don't have much interesting to say about myself. I like retro games, retro anime, animation in general (especially French and Soviet). Stuff like that. Really miss the cozier internet of the 2000s and generally felt alienated from a lot of modern culture on the internet because of it.

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Re: Hello. I really miss bulletin boards.

Post by davemerrill »

Welcome to the board! I like Twitter fine, but I also enjoy the less frantic pace of the old-fashioned forum.

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Re: Hello. I really miss bulletin boards.

Post by Drew_Sutton »

Welcome! Twitter and some vintage anime Facebook groups have some great content but they don't replace good-old bulletin boards and forum communities. Glad to have you around and looking forward to posting with you!
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Re: Hello. I really miss bulletin boards.

Post by Captain_EO »

Well you're in good company, Prog-Knife, welcome to the boards. Somebody's gotta keep the spirit of this old stuff alive.

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Re: Hello. I really miss bulletin boards.

Post by DKop »

Glad for you to stop by, ask questions and chill with us.

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Re: Hello. I really miss bulletin boards.

Post by Daniel »

Hi, and welcome. :D

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