FS: Last Laserdiscs w/Autographs

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FS: Last Laserdiscs w/Autographs

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Not wanting to commit any shelf space to the grand old format, I'm offering for sale these last discs in my collection:

UTENA Vol.1 (KILA-341) The start of the 1997 TV show with interior booklet autographed by Ikuhara and Saito. I believe the
signatures were from Animazement 2000. I discarded the discs original clear plastic sleeve for a paper+cellophane one, so the
contents are not exactly original. For an interested fan, I have an extra signed shitajiki and posters that can be combined with
this sale.

PERFECT BLUE MOVIE BOX ((PILA-9001) quality box and printed supplements to Kon's movie. There is a folded movie poster
I had signed by producer Maruyama if memory serves.

Price negotiable with buyer paying for desired shipping (paypal). I can upload images of other Utena goods if needed.
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